Tuesday, February 7

Don't punch my salad

The new issue of Dirt Rag is out there, somewhere... well, at least I got mine.

You can have one as well, even without a subscription. It will only cost you a five dollar Bill Fucking Murray.

Inside you'll find the kinda stuff that fills pages upon pages; an article on enduro (not endurance) racing by none other than Harlan Price, some words and images from Nathan Shearer about the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail, and yet another life changing article from yours truly.

This issue's WAZUPWIDIS is worth half a five dollar Bill Fucking Murray alone. Consider the rest of the magazine a bargain.

The 2012 "Season" schedule is gonna get tossed like a salad in Cell Block D. The New Belgium Urban Assault had got to go due to a family conflict. Unfortunately the one thing I said I would do in 2012, SSUSA, is not gonna happen due to other adult stuff. I can't believe it's getting cut, and I don't know what I'm gonna do if I don't see George this year. I've never been to Vermont, and it looks like I won't be seeing it this year as planned.


I'm still scratching my head on a few things, but it looks like three stage races will happen for me this year, maybe the Iron Mountain 100K (finally), gotta figure out what I can pull off at the end of August/early September; River's Edge Marathon, Shenandoah 100, and Fool's Gold 100 (50?)

Those are all three weeks in a row?

It will be another full year, that has become very apparent... and intimidating.

June's still pretty open. Gotta do something about that.

Since I've already already dropped the F-bomb twice, here's a link to a nice article that will make you feel even better the next time you buy a $19 pair of fucking socks. Slightly more well thought out than my defense (and perhaps more informative) but fewer adult words and no reference to beer.


Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I didn't even notice you dropping the f bomb until you said you already dropped the F bomb twice?


dicky said...

No, that just means you watch too many Tarantino movies.

Laura said...

Sorry to hear that you won't get to do your original race season plan, but YAY, you'll be at the Fool's Gold! I may actually get to meet the infamous know assuming you get woefully lost out on the course and that allows me to catch up with you.

But more than likely, I will see you on the podium...I won't actually BE on the podium myself, but I am sure I can see it from way in the back where I will be. :-)

John Miles said...

"Cyclist Friend Explains Necessity Of $35 Socks",18259/

But damn if I don't love mine.

pv said...

Dood- do you have a personal 6" tall photographer underfoot?...maybe a thine-own foot fetish thingamabob goin' on there. Sidenote- you hang out with WAY too many bearded men.

Socred a sweet set of 80's vintage, blue SIDI road shoes yesterday.....for less that what summa you pay for a pair of socks. Buwahahah cough snorkle, wheeze.

Anonymous said...

OK I'm the $19.99 fucking pair of socks dude that got slammed for posting anonymous...posts...and I noticed the offending, Jackson-costing petroleum based pseudo-techno foot covers that are not nearly as good as wool cycling socks costing half as much and lasting way longer without stinking up your feet and shoes are made in Tennessee...just like these jeans with an incredibly compelling theme song:

Rod Mann
Encinitas CA USA

dicky said...

I want those jeans.

Powerful marketing.

Joker said...

Did Peter give you that fucking hoodie for free? I want that fucking hoodie but I'm not paying his damned canadian prices for it.....(Just trying to fit in...)