Wednesday, February 8

This just in: Team Dicky still not in Arizona

Once again, it has come to my attention that I was NOT at Single Speed Arizona.

photoshop enhanced in order to highlight "Napkin Dicky"

Although there was a tribute shot taken in my honor... or lack thereof.

I've been here in Charlotte, working at the new job instead of having fun in the desert celebrating Dejay's hurtling-towards-the-darkness aging process. Have you been wondering how my new job has been going? I bet you have.

Work's been great. The only downsides would be that I spend more time inside, ride less, and my free time really isn't "free." The upsides would be job security, a place to store shit (shit that takes up space in the bag), co-workers, and computer access. Mike Piazza says that even if I'm making fewer deliveries and riding less, I am spending more time 5-600 feet higher than street level, so I am getting altitude training for free. As an act of solidarity, Mike Piazza has moved from the work bench to the top of the bench vise.

"I still can't see Russia from here."

That's a sign of a good coach, that and turning a blind eye to dopers.

Mike Piazza also pointed out that I've been using a lot of stairs at the new job, and this will certainly be good training for some silly shit I'll be doing this summer. I try to keep that in mind every time I'm out of breath after climbing up five flights.

I have been working hard, too hard to be up to no good. Despite what you might have heard, this was not me.

I have not ridden my bike naked... ever...

in this country.

Not to cheat you out of another Wednesday Retro Dick Pic of the Week two weeks in a row, but here's something (not me) to share with the class.

The bedroom in my first college apartment. I see a shitty 1984 Murray Olympic Edition 10 speed, one stolen sign, my tribute to Pink Floyd's The Wall, a collection of skinny ties, not one but two tributes to the Crüe, and all sorts of other shit that brings back memories. How many skulls do you see in the photo? I'll bet you can't find them all.

I also see proof that I was Wizard Staffing long before Stevil made it cool with photoshop.

Team Dicky: Cool long before the internet defined the term


pv said...

Dood- bar pic? WAY too many beards, not enough skirts. Mkay?

Not sure how many skulls are in the room pic but....I now know how many Bud Light's it takes to hold up a celing. And, ya ever take that Murray over any "sweet jumps"?

Rich- any sources for vintage track/road cycling shoes out there? Yellow Jersey is fresh out and I'm not too keen on shopping overseas.

dicky said...

No idea, other than eBay and

pv said...

Roger and done that. Looks like I'll be shopping in France shortly. Lemme know if ya need any cheese, baguette's etc. fer yer next Miller Light and Fondu soiree. *burrrrrrp*

LOL- word verification made me type "proopsp" hahahaha.