Thursday, February 16

Lord of the Mehs

Firstly, Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever, being the benevolent race promoter that he is, acquiesced the requests of the masses. You asked for it, and you got it...

The "None More Black" Sleeveless Pisgah 111k jersey

Now with more 100% more BACK in Back

Complete with Rear Pocket and Back Hem!!

It's only $55 which means you save $5 over buying the version with short sleeves, and you won't have to break out the scissors. More than likely I will be ordering two different sizes even if I happen to meet all the requirements of a small person on their sizing chart. I know if I tried to pick one, I'd pick the wrong size and be S.O.L. on this sweet piece of limited availability gear. I'll sign the one that doesn't fit and sell it to a small, very fortunate child.

There's only one thing you need to go with a sweet sleeveless jersey like that...

So be that guy. Wear your "None More Black" Sleeveless Pisgah 111k jersey with your Pisgah 111k armwarmers and fly your freak flag high. Thumb your nose at the nonplussed, anti-Fred, late to the "meh" game Bike Snob... even if he has already written his second book besting my bestest efforts by a factor of two.

Sorry about the lack of a Wednesday Retro Dick Pic of the Week yesterday. I used up most of the good ones right out of the gate, and like so many things in life that I commit to, I've lost interest in keeping up with it.

I did find this image last night:

That's me, Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever, and Ian "The Pony" Leone lining up for the XC race at the 2001 Icycle. That was back when the XC race took place the day after the night downhill race and an evening of gladiator style debauching. I had won the sport class the night before and on this day I not only won the sport class, I also caught the two expert riders that left ahead of our group. This is not a testament to my former abilities, but a fine example of how the Icycle draws a much stronger, highly competitive field nowadays. I sucked then, but in the land of blind pigs, I was the one eyed pig.

I'm still the one eyed pig, but my porcine competition has certainly used the benefits of their vision plan.


Anonymous said...

Oh man... I'm riding a SID in that photo.... What was I thinking?

pv said...

Nice pic, sandbagger. Too bad it's THOISDAY.

I wanna LS jersey, so I can make my arm own warmers. And toe warmers from the sleevey shouldery bits left over after I slash off the sleeves and stuff and junk lalala WTF??!! CHIGGER GET THE FK OFF THE TABLE, NOW! Stupid cat.

Anonymous said...

Howis the sizing compared to twin 6?
I wear xl in t6 so pisgah L club?

dicky said...


I'm gonna order from the chart: