Wednesday, February 15

Simple, beautiful, classic... like black leather

Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever sent me some more news about the Pisgah 111K the other day. Ignore the more important news that the 200 spots are 75% sold out. For you non-math wizards, that means there are only 50 spots left, but ignore that. Also ignore the numbers on the race roster since there are two sites to register for the race, so neither will show you total amounts. I'm sure the smart ones (and the Geoffrey Bergmarks of the world) out there are already signed up, so you're not worried in the least that you're going to miss out.

This would be the new news that's worth sharing:

That's the breakdown between checkpoints/aid stations. To give you a rough idea, I'm thinking it's gonna take me all of two hours to get to the first checkpoint at 33.79k. I'm basing that on some heavy extrapolation, juxtaposing, and guesswork based on the amount of time it took Zac and I to get from Point A (the start) to Point B (near CP1) using a much more circuitous route at the 2011 PMBAR. Those of you that are "racing" will be happy to know that the first 12 or so kilometers are a little bit of pavement followed by lotsa gravel, so you'll have plenty of time to jockey for position before you hit the trail.

You can see that there are some big nasties towards the end of the ride.

If the climb up Laurel Mountain Trail doesn't destroy you, then maybe the last big push over Black Mountain might.

Also important to know, if you blow past CP3 (which would be hard since it sits at the top of a climb), you'll pass a bathroom/water fountain about 6k later.

Also, also important news, Brado has designed a bad ass jersey for the event. A jersey with a front...

and a back.

(some assembly required)

They are available here for a measly $60, and all the sizing info is here. Inside the collar is a reminder of what this race is all about (proceeds from the 2012 event go to Jeff's widow).

I have one final request. I have asked Eric if he could possibly offer a Pisgah 111k jersey in a sleeveless option. In marketing speak, what I'm thinking is a Pisgah 111k "None More Black" Sleeveless option.

It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none, none more black... unless it was an all black jersey, but that would not be much of an event jersey, now would it?

If this interests you, please bother him here or on facebook or call his phone or bang on his front door or harass him at work... whatever you think would help you make your point. If there is enough interest (it wouldn't take many of us sleeve-hating metal freaks to pull it off), he will pursue this further.



Rob C said...

I'm definitely in for a none more black option...

BIG JIM said...

That IS a bad ass looking jersey. Now, if I could just find my balls and 130 bones I'd be in.

dukmon said...

I need sleeves to protect my guns.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday Retro Dicky pic??

dicky said...


pv said...

You guys have it all. 50 cent words, pretty trails w/ canopy in Km's instead of miles, sleevless shirts.

My last heavy extrapolation resulted in a headache and a skidmark that took 20 mins. of scrubbing in the pits to remove.

pv said...
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pv said...

BTW- I "bothered" him re: sleeveless jersey.

Joker said...

So, for half the price of the entry fee, I could get a jersey and pretend I actually did the race? Cool!