Tuesday, February 28

More Expo'ed and another Stickel update

A few more interesting things happened at the Southeast Bike Expo.

For the most part, the vendors/exhibitors were quite friendly and knowledgeable.

photo cred: Mudman

Jake of Industry 9 laying some knowledge down on me whilst I cleared out my snot locker.

But there were some peaches in the crowd. I asked one rep if their carbon bikes had aluminum inserts in their BB92 shells. He looked at me like I was simple and said, "Our carbon bikes have carbon shells AND our aluminum bikes have aluminum shells."

Perhaps I was not dressed like the typical consumer of $6,000 carbon bikes, or maybe I never got my finger out of my nose all day. Chris overheard the conversation and concurred that the fellow was in fact being a douche.

The other interesting thing of note occurred while I was looking into demo'ing a frame. Not wanting to pigeonhole myself into a small or medium without knowing relatively how their sizing ran, I asked about top tube lengths (it's not everything, but it's a start). The rep then proceeded to break out a tape measure and run it along the top tube measuring the actual (not effective) length of this very sloping top tube.

Fuck it.

"Do you have a small?"

photo cred: Mudman

But like I said, for the most part everybody there did a great job answering my dumb questions all day long. If you find yourself ready to drop some coin on a bike next year, think about going.

Other than my wheels (and one MOOTSpost decal), I have everything I need to build my frame when it shows up.

There's some weight weenie shit on that bench. I had made a promise to myself earlier in the year, and I kept that promise. So for the first time, I bought some lightweight Ashima rotors and updated my many years old ti/alloy bolt collection. I assure you, some parts will be in my messenger bag and joining me at the office for some time on the postal scale this morning.

That blue clothespin thing at the top is an A2Z Hydraulic Hose Cutter.

If you are lucky and very patient, sometimes you can cut a line and reattach it without bleeding. I am neither, but this gizmo might just save me. I had plans to devise my own, but for the price, it was easier to just buy happiness.

The By:Stickel is at powder right now.

We waits for our precious...


TheMutt said...

I can't take credit for that first photo, because I'm in it. That's me on the left rockin' the Twin Six jersey and talking to Shanna.

And yeah, that guy was a douche.

pv said...

Diggn' the "Larry the Cable Guy" jersey in pic 1.