Wednesday, February 29

I hate to disappoint...

but it's sorta my job.

As much as I like to be your source for horse penis, liz hatch cleavage, trans tit, hee haw cast, and all mountain sexy girls, I'm gonna have to return to four a day week blogging soon. The time of the "season" draws near, and my early "fitness" has to come from that one day a week that I can get out the door a few minutes early.

So as much as I like being your resource for pictures of a nasty dirty ass, gorilla penis, and Mennonite chicks, you're just going to have to go elsewhere one day a week.

And sadly, I must say this is the last time for Wednesday Retro Dick Pic of the Week. I get tired of themes, consistency, and commitment.

I found this slice of Polaroid that may be the only piece of evidence proving that at one time I had not one, not two, but three rat tails. This woulda been around 1990, further proof that while I may be late to the game, I'm always the last one to leave the field.

Square Pegs


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Scott said...

I'll miss retro week. It sure beats "Horses Penis" and "application for the post of promoter letter."