Thursday, March 1

The end is near

I was up late (for an old person) last night. Kangalangamangus came over with his fancy tools and we got to cracking on the Pegboard of Plethora. Oddly enough, everything went as planned, and by 9:15PM or so, we had a functioning workspace that shamed my old workspace into oblivion.

I do not have everything up there yet. I stayed up till 11:00PM finding tools and parts in all sorts of places all over my bike room. It will be strange to have all my bike tools in the same 70" X 48" area of the room as opposed to littered about as if a very devious mini tornado had just blown through my house and hidden my tools like a turbid devil preparing for an Easter Egg hunt. Although I've had an area to work on my bike in every place I've dwelled since @1998, this is the most bitching set-up to date. Drawers for my inflation/tubes, hanging file folders for my maps/manuals/stickers/manifestos... I just need restocking numbers behind my brake pads and other limited service life items. All this happiness for $25 and some bike parts I'd been holding on to for way too long.

Couple more things...

My boy Kyle from Team HoFFenChard has designed a kit for the winner of the Single Speed Stage Racing World Championships at this year's Breck Epic... undeniably Colorado's best stage race.

This is one of those book of faces contests... most likes wins. I hate book of faces contests, an unruly land controlled by teenagers and pimple faced virtual ruffians. Fortunately, Kyle appears to be a teenager and a big fan of balsa wood airplanes.

Go vote for Kyle's design pronto... even if you are not a teenaged, computer addicted, Ritalin hording, chicken partying facebooker.

I've been contacted multiple times about the fact that Backcountry Research promised to be open on Feb 27th, but is still closed and will not reopen until March 9th.

If you find yourself needing some Awesome, there's nothing I can do for you. Sure, I'm sitting on a huge stockpile of straps and Tülbags, but what if a Cormac McCarthy vision of the future happens and I've given all my straps away? How am I gonna strap all my shit to my Grocery Cart of the Apocalypse?

Good things come to he/she who waits... like the nü Fönbag and the hunt for man-flesh.


Montana said...

I agree with you and Don Powers. Voting on internet contests should be mail-in only

cornfed said...

How do you reach the tool up top? I didn't see your step stool in the photo. Perhaps one of those cool rolling library ladders would be of use?

bonkinglife said...

As long as you know where the opener is...