Friday, March 2

Can you hammer a six-inch spike through a board with your penis?

So, I'm accidentally up at 5:30AM this morning.

"Great, I'll get out for some bonus mileage before work!"

"Maybe it will get better."

"No, it will certainly not get better."

Not a great start to March. Rain is threatening again on Saturday which will moisten our trail options for Sunday. This at a time when more riding would be more better for me. I need to get out and ride if I want to avoid getting left behind this year at the official "season" opener, the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek.

Not looking forward to a wet weekend one fucking bit. The Pegboard of Plethora is almost entirely organized, my current bikes are in primo riding condition, and the table formerly known as "the bench" is serving as a nesting area for my new By:Stickel.

The bike room is devoid of tasks in need of tasking.

I guess I could paint. I used to paint.

Oh yeah, I gave that up after college squoze all the creativity and desire to express myself through artistic representation via any chosen media other than writing and riding.

Thank you, professor who once when asked to explain what exactly he was looking for replied with, "Am I speaking fucking Chinese?"

I am in the Sargasso Sea of life... not drifting, just effortlessly holding my position waiting for the conditions to change. I feel like C Thomas Howell and Anthony Micheal Hall wrapped into one person with a much shorter name.

Not much going on, and not much I can do about it... except grow a mustache or put on some lbs.

Correction. Anthony Micheal Hall is currently playing the part of Mark Von Dutch in the upcoming theatrical release, Sexy Evil Genius, which I can only assume is the long awaited sequel to Real Genius.

Without Val Kilmer, I don't think this movie's going anywhere.

And because George brought it up last night...

I give you The Ride of the Fire Mares


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's going to be wet? POSTON.

pv said...

So much for 4 posts a week and yes I can hammer my penis through a board with a 6 inch spike. And, I have pics to prove it...oh shit, Chigger's in the corn flakes again...brb.

JennyV said...

I was disappointed that this post was not how to hammer a spike into a board with your penis... Damn you Dicky for teasing me!