Wednesday, March 14

I can't wait till next Mardi Gras

Today is Wednesday. I should not be posting, but I am.

I should be out riding, but I'm not.

Many things have affected my head, and I have to let them out.

For those that guessed and had no clue, including one of the braniacs at the Museum of Mountain Bike Art and Technology, the brake levers were made by SRP USA.

What made them special (other than being ridiculously light with a ti mounting bolt and aluminum chainring bolt for a pivot) was the fact that they were canti and V-brake compatible.

I would have used my old Avid Ultimates that the guys at Frankford Bike bought me as a wedding present in 1995, but the right one is on my adult tricycle right now.

I want to sell a new product at some point in the near future. A bike lube that has to be meticulously applied and one that attracts absolutely no dirt whatsoever.

I'll call it...

Tony Sha-Lube

I know it seems silly to hire someone other than a porn star to endorse a lube... whatever.

I found out that I was wearing my new Revolution Cycles knee warmers improperly.

Apparently they are a salute to the incredibly epicly epic movie Eastern Promises.

A great movie even if you don't want to see Viggo Mortensen bare-ass naked kicking the asses of clothed-ass men in a shower.

Anyways, the stars are supposed to be on my knees? Why?

Watts explains: "The stars on the knees mean that we kneel for no one. (you know... excepting those who beat our asses and make us kneel.) The lightning bolts just mean 'fuck yeah.'"

Oh yeah, the Russian Mafia thing...

I screwed that up just a bit. Anyways, here's a Revolting Cog salute to Watts's badself.

If you are not my facefriend, you missed this yesterday:

And that's why we should be facefriends.

No, my new frame from By:Stickel did not show up yesterday.

This did:

That's a terrible photo of a Twin Six belt drive Dark Horse single speed cyclocross machine of death. Why I have it and whatnot is a long story that will be told between now and the time that I finally get it built. I can say that when the FedEx guy dropped it off, he told The Pie that the boys back at the station were disappointed that there was no witty shit Sharpied on the outside of the box as they've come to expect when delivering packages to my house. I'm gonna have to talk to my people at Twin Six and see what that's not about.

Very bad things will be done to this frame and then bad things will be done on this frame. I've got some parts, some are on the way, and I'm hoping some just materialize.

50X22 should be a great gear going up Reddish Knob at the Tour de Burg come July. If it is not, then so be it. I'll wear comfy shoes.

I have no plans to cut the excess steer tube as this will be my annual Mardi Gras machine, and I'll need some place to put all my extra beads.

The ladies like my chest parts. What can I say?

Yes, I have two bikes to build very soon.

My life is just terrible.


George said...

You should definitely name this bike the Fjire Mjare

WPG said...

Belt drive? While I've always been intrigued by the belt, I always assumed that if it worked decently you'd be on board. Now you are. I can't wait to see what category seal of approval the new set-up gets!

pv said...

Rich- ya STILL need some white framed glasses ta go with that kit man. I really like white framed glasses.

Maybe we should start a poll- what color framed glasses should Rich be wearing to maximize kit impact/coordination?

I vote WHITE.

dicky said...

I would love to have a pair of white UVEX Hawks, but I'm not buying them.

pv said...

Gotta check our pro-deal list... Not sure if they are on it. Maybe kick ya down a 20 to Team Dickey towards a pair if not...

pv said...

Wellp- not on the list.

Lemme know where to send the 20.

dicky said...

Humane Society of Charlotte.

I can't take money for glasses... even if they are the white version of my favorite glasses ever.

John said...

hell yeah, flat bar cross bikes will rule the world one day. or bike path, one.