Thursday, April 26

Buzzin around the hive

I've bitched, moaned, and whined about not having a particular energy food sponsor quite a bit in the past.  I applied to "the program," waited, and heard nothing more than internet crickets.  Even my fellow Charlottean based Bike 29 team member not only heard something but has been sitting on his goods for quite some time.  I started to get worried.  I mean, I am a formerly (but no longer) highly influential blogger, a minor contributor to a top notch publication, and I used to be able to find the podium a few years ago.  What else could they be looking for?

Well, I heard back from them some time last week.  Perhaps they were saving me for last since I was to be the King Bee.

This would be a plausible reason.

Or perhaps my application went straight to their junk-mail inbox. Something about putting "Make Dick Hard to Beat in 2012" in the subject line...

Who woulda thought?

Regardless of the extended waiting period, I was quite pleased this Tuesday when the goods arrived.
I love me some Honey Stinger Waffles for breakfast before a race.  I came up with the idea some time after George brought a few cases with him to Single Speed Arizona.  Like cookies (but healthier), I realized the only thing stopping me from eating all of them was shame.  They're tasty enough that when I wake up feeling like ass the morning before a race, I can still manage to shove 960 calories down my throat without feeling the urge to die.  No more choking down oatmeal in the dark for me, and did I mention that they taste awesome with coffee?

I'm not saying it's the breakfast of champions.  It's probably not a very balanced meal, but when you normally have trouble eating at 4:30AM, it's an option chock full of calories and ingredients that won't scare the shit out of you.

Also included were some Organic Energy Chews.  Not an overwhelmingly catchy name for a product, but at least an honest description of what you're putting into your body.  I don't eat generally eat chew things when I'm racing, but I have been known to "chew" some on the start line and especially when out on extended rides in the woods.  I try to only use gels in race scenarios or when I'm trying to get rid of last season's leftovers.

That would be the remains of 2011 which I tried very hard to "use" last weekend.  At least three and maybe four different flavors in there, remnants of other gel flasks used from June through September.  That's safe, right?

Since Chris got a Honey Stinger shirt, I was hoping for the same the same, if not better, treatment.  Maybe a sweet sleeveless triathlon race jersey or a skinsuit. Honey Stinger has bigger plans for me.

Being that I now have the status of King Bee of The Hive, they have asked me to wear this choice outfit at all post-race parties in 2012.

Maybe Chris just got the last XXL t-shirt.

So welcome aboard Honey Stinger and massive apologies to Admiral Ackbar, Sponsor Liaison and Equipment Acquisitions Director.  I thought he had screwed the pooch on this one, but job well done.  Now I only need a liquid hydration sponsor and perhaps a liquid dehydration sponsor as well, and I should be set for life.


TheMutt said...

Welcome to The Hive. Perhaps now we can have a waffle party or something.

I'm putting in the call right now for one of the bee suits too.

John Parker said...

2 you and that guy named Lance have something in common and if you love them waffles like you claim then it's well worth your time to take a trip outside the 485 and check out cast iron waffles, they are the bee's knees fresh (I had to) but just as good frozen, just pop them in the toaster.

Rob said...


Honey Stinger's rule, I just got a box and a dozen packs of the chews for the spring riding season.

All Hail King B.D.!

Big E said...

You eat six of them for breakfast!? Holy crap! That's enough to put my into a sugar induced coma. But I suppose since you are king bee your body can handle such things. Well played sir, well played...

Maggie said...

In Michigan, those are called stroopwaffel. You're supposed to sit them on top of your coffee cup until the steam melts the filling inside. Almost as good as morning sex. You're welcome.