Thursday, April 12

Peas meet carrots


Chocolate meets peanut butter...

or perhaps $1,000,000 meets my bank account, because this is money.

Last night I hit the trails at the White Water Center with Stabby and Eric Van Driver. Chosen for the fact that it has some of the longer/faster descents in all of Mecklenburg county, it would be a fine test of the new Fjox fjork. For certain it would be a better test than I already gave it, which was rolling around the middle school behind my house riding up and down stairs and hucking all the huckables...

not Huxtables.

All I can say is that the Dickstickel Meatplow V.6 shines with this fjork. Holy balls. Most everything I hate about running squish up front has been addressed by the Terralogic function. Brake dive has been almost eliminated and no more reaching down for a lockout, remembering to use a lockout, not remembering to disengage a lockout, or just thinking about doing something with a lockout at all. I like it so much that I'm thinking about doing the Pisgah style races and Tour de Burg on this set-up, which is saying a lot after last year's "meh" feeling after doing my first race on a squish since 2004. Steve "By:Stickel" Stickel's handiwork and design are begging for this thing. Since the bike is so easily maneuvered and tossed about, it's certainly nice to not worry so much about where I land when the bike comes back to touching the ground. I can't wait for the Canadian Invasion ride at Wilson's Creek this Saturday. Maybe I'll be able to keep Curvy Butt in my sights this time, which is a sight worth keeping in your sights as long as you don't mind looking at a butt that looks like a girl's butt but is in fact not.

Chris doesn't think the fjork will be on there more than two weeks. I think he may be wrong.

As awesome as this fjork is, I will still give it my...


Like all other fjork manufacturers, they suggest you set it up according to sag. Getting sag out of a Terralogic fjork (that doesn't respond to rider input, only bumps) is harder than getting a reasonably sane choice for a presidential candidate. I have to admit, I took the fjork out of the box, mounted it up, rode it around, and said, "meh."

I have no idea how much air is in there. I know that I came close to bottoming it out, it feels good, and that's that. Maybe Fjox ships their fjorks already set-up for a wee man four apples tall. I dunno. Either way, give a shithead like me a break. Be more like Rock Shox, give some suggested air pressures, I'll figure out that they're way off on the first ride, and then I'll go from there.

On the plus side, the Kashimax coating on the stanchions matches the By:Stickel picture frame head badge quite nicely. Fashion then function. Repeat.

One more thing.

Do me a solid. I love the Charlotte Humane Society. You love this blog. Show me some of your love by spreading it around. All it takes is a click to put the CHS in the running for $100,000. Your vote puts them in a contest put on by the ASPCA which will reward the organization for saving furry lives.

Seriously, I ask for so little in return. Do it for the puppies, the kitties, and the unwanted, overweight, elderly beagles with Cushing's disease and subluxating patellas of the world.

They need your help as much as they need someone to stick a foot in their ear and rub it for 2-3 hours a day.

FYI: They only have to make the top five in their region to qualify for the "Challenge" which is then based on placing animals in homes. YOU CAN VOTE DAILY!!!

BTW: Share that shit on Facebook, tweet it, and whatnot. Use of graffiti is not endorsed but will not be frowned upon either.


Anonymous said...

Vote Confirmed!


Carl said...

Enjoy your blog and I just voted. Hope your readers come through for you..Charlotte has a ways to go to make it to the top.

TheMutt said...


I still think you'll grow tired of the squishy stuff. I'm sticking with two weeks. I'm usually wrong though.

dicky said...

They only have to make the top five in their region to qualify for the "Challenge" which is then based on placing animals in homes.

Anonymous said...


AdamB said...


And voted for the fjork staying on more than 2 weeks.

Big E said...

Done and done brother Dicky!