Friday, April 13

Validation via internet press is like winning a People's Choice Award

I'm three weeks away from the start of the meat of the "season." With my Paris Nice (6 Hours of Warrior Creek) behind me, it's now time for the "Spring Classics" before heading into the Grand Tours (Trans-Sylvania Epic, Tour de Burg, and Breck Epic). In classic Jan Ullrich fashion, I'm still carrying my winter weight and lacking anything resembling form. Like Jan, I will probably go ahead and stay that way throughout the year until "ecstasy season."

The good news is that a beer belly would be more than welcome at a stage race that Outside Magazine declared a "race party for racers" in their Ten Best Bike-Race Parties article. Yes, the Trans-Sylvania Epic is that and a bag of chips and a case of beer and a maple syrup bottle filled with some kind of elixir. To say I'm excited that my first stage race for 2012 is a little over a month away would be an understatement. I can't wait to head up to PA for a week long beat down of rocks, boulders, cobbles, rubble, slabs, chunks, logs... did I mention how challenging the course is? A walk in the park... a park filled with muggers and rabid feral gerbils.

I can not mention the Giro d'Italia of American mountain biking without bringing up our Vuelta Espana, the Breck Epic. Obviously the Tour de Burg is our Grand Boucle, being the only race that matters, but back to the Breck Epic. It was recently included as one of the thirteen hardest races in the world on I think it made the list because of the altitude, but lets face the facts. The Breck Epic is one of the true gems of stage racing. Two of my all time favorite descents ever and some of the best riding Colorado has to offer... just all above 10,000 feet. I hate to use the term, but it's God's country. Not only because it's beautiful, but it's also as physically close to heaven as a race can get without being the Golden Child Epic.

Fact: The Breck Epic is the only race that has ever broken Peter's hip.

That same article mentions three other mountain bike races; The Trans Pyr, La Ruta, and BC Bike Race. I have done the last two, but the Trans Pyr is in Spain. Like Marga Fullana, I don't like to race too far from home as it's getting harder and harder to sneak my EPO onto the plane.

Speaking of BC Bike Race, I thought I'd share this tidbit with yinzers. They are giving away one free entry to the 2012 race to a deserving rider in your community. They could be a trail builder, a dedicated volunteer, an inspiring rider, a developing young racer, or anyone else you feel deserves this opportunity! All you have to do is nominate them with a short (less than 500 words) essay and a few photos BEFORE TOMORROW ENDS. Send your nominations to toot suite. Sorry for the late notice.

Speaking of Canada, tomorrow I get to ride with 2-3 of the East Side's most infamous ruffians. Should be a good time in Wilson's Creek shredding the gnar and whatnot. Stories and maybe a picture of a bunch of guys standing around with their bikes laying on the ground coming Monday.

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pv said...

Tranny epic looks sweet, always caught my eye.

Breck's kinda hohum, bring bucket-o-SPF90 for all the exposed riding you'll do, and, daddy's bank roll. Pass.

How the hell you guys afford these "races" man?

Tell TOBR I said "hugs beeotch".