Tuesday, April 17

Supporting the Fairer Sex

Sunday morning I woke up full of piss and vinegar. Although I was a bit tired from the Canadian Invasion ride and an evening at the theater, I was up at 5:30AM to watch the live coverage of the women's World Cup racing in Houffalize. I don't get to watch XC racing very often, so I relished the opportunity to watch the pros rip it up all morning. While the course offered a little bit of technical riding here and there, I was disappointed that the whole 5km course fit on the side of a hill.

Some of the technical sections were more than some riders could handle. Even though watching it on my 15" monitor made it difficult to determine just how technical the sections were, I couldn't resist letting some shit fly from my fingers...

This comment drew the ire of not one but two (perhaps three) female legends in the endurance cycling world.

What can I say? I'm doing my best to support Stevil's efforts to destroy women's cycling and put them back in the kitchen making sandwiches.


Maybe I'm suppressing my infinite sadness over the fact that Willow Koerber (Rockwell) has left a hole in the world of women's cycling with her retirement. She always had the ability to Koerberize the gnar that had other riders shaking in their $400 heat-moldable shoes. Whether her lingerie modeling helped or hurt the women's cause is debatable, but no one can deny that she brought the goods to the race course. She will be missed.

I sincerely hope that her brother Sam doesn't take her place in the 2013 Cycle Passion calendar. I mean sure, he belongs on Bangable Dudes in Pro Cycling, but my door doesn't swing that way.

I swear I support women's cycling. Why?

They support me.

I'm not sure if this is my official invite to join the Yeti Beti team, but I'm certainly on board. Daily rides, weekly meetings, bi-monthly pillow fights... whatever it takes to make the squad, I'm your man, I mean woah-man.

If you didn't pick up one of these limited edition Yeti Beti shirts, you must be against women's cycling.

After watching an eyeful of World Cup racing, I finished building the Fire Mare.

More on that coming Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Your ribcage makes you look like you have very saggy is a good look for you.

Anonymous said...

is than an extra-small shirt?

the original big ring said...

Show us your tits!

Frank Webber said...

Tis! Tits!

pv said...

Hope his teats are bigger than his arms...meh.