Thursday, April 19

The man has raisins in his braincase

Once I got done watching the World Cup racing action and discontinued my woman bashing on Sunday morning, I got down to the business of finishing up the Fire Mare. I was brimming with energy ironically supplied by one of my favorite female type people, so it was best to put it to use.

The final missing piece arrived from Cane Creek via parcel post on Saturday, so there was no reason (other than an apathy driven from too many recent bike builds) to not git 'er done.

I just happened to be wearing my cross specific "Can't Stop Won't Stop" shirt that morning. What can I say? It had been my go-to hanging out around the house shirt for three days straight.

Sparing no expense, other than the expenses I could avoid, I rummaged through my spare bits of brake cable housing looking for a few pieces long enough to complete the build.

There is a Snowshoe lift tag from many years ago (a decade?) in that pile. I horde worthless shit sometimes.

This being the first bike I've built in quite some time that needed "brake cables," an ancient device that activates mechanically actuated braking devices known as "canti's," I had some relearning to do...

but these "canti's" are worth it. I may have splurged a bit on these, but cross fashion is all about the brakes. I really wanted the bad-ass Euro brakes that MOOTS Matt has tattoo'ed on his feet, but I couldn't justify the cost nor do I have the passion for cross that these brakes deserve.

Matt is what I am not, cross in his flesh.

Brake stigmata.

I've looked at that photo for too long. It now appears to me that Matt has feet for hands.

I went with the Gates belt drive option.


This is why:

That's my work bike, AKA The Fastest Bike in the World. As much as I love that bike, I hate maintenance. I already have to care for and feed two single speed mountain bikes, so another messy drivetrain in the house is not an option.

I was a bit disappointed that I had to mount this:

A chain tug? Yuck. Trying to properly tension the belt properly on horizontal track ends was a PITA without the tug. At least I can open my finer beers whilst posing next to the cross courses this fall.

My pedals aren't very crossy. They were picked up at a swap meet years ago, and this is where they ended up. One sided, light, and whatever. Also note the Race Face roadie cranks. When I think cranks, I think Race Face. Why? Why not?

My very own Twin Six Dark Horse by Raleigh, complete... well except for bar tape. I didn't wanna invest too much into the drop bar set-up just in case I hate it and go back to flats. It sits at 16.5lbs, with tubes but no cages (those are going on once I drill some holes in my new frame). Pretty bad ass.

That is not a putt-putt course in the background. That is a geriatric dog ramp for Shiloh (AKA Chubby Buddy). His Cushing's Disease will keep him chubby for the rest of his life, and his fat little joints can't handle his body weight going down the stairs. So yes, he gets a ramp, complete with artificial turf. It turns my insides all warm and gushy when I watch him waddle down it.

A big thanks to Twin Six, Industry Nine, Cane Creek, and Maxxis for helping me pull this bike together.

This machine is my cross bike. This is also my road bike. My gear is 50X22 and that's that. Tour de Burg road stages will be contested on this machine whether I like it or not. I also signed up for the Pisgah Monster Cross Challenge in September.

This will suck on a 50X22, but I could give no lesser amount of fucks.

I'm an all-the-way single speeder now. Five bikes hang on the wall, and nary a one of them with shifty bits. I have cleaved my last excuse of a bike from my bosom. All rides from this point on will be a "sack up" affair.

And finally...

To balance out my sexual karma, I am going to mention the glorious Cylco Femme ride on May 13th. Yes, this may create a one day sandwich shortage that our country will never recover from, but since I'm a modern thinking man, I'll just buy a Lunchable that day.

Women on bikes. I'm about that.

Spread the word and celebrate your bike ride on May 13th with like minded others.


George said...

you said bosom

dicky said...

Staying with the feminine theme all week.

Bike Shop Girl said...

50x22 - what size maxxis tires are you rocking?

I ask as I just put 39x16 on my nature boy. Thinking of going to a 42.

keep talking about bosom's, it's the only reason I read todays blog

Laura said...

That's a beautiful bike. I am curious to see how dirty you can get that drive train.
And, Thanks for the info on the CycloFemme ride day. Didn't know about it but I am so going to create a ride here to support it. Thanks for doing your part to keep us out of the kitchen ;-)

dicky said...


I won't be changing that gear. Gates pulleys cost too much, and any taller and I think trails and climbing might suck. I'll have no top end, but I guess I won't be in a hurry.

Chip Batson said...

Today's blog made me woodened.

the original big ring said...

I think that I have Cushings Disease all makes sense now. I'm sure the free health care up here will pay for the ramp too.

AdamB said...

I hope you plan to splurge on an actual Gates Cog out back. Good luck with that setup Mr. Tensioner

dicky said...

Ummmm... Adam, that's a Gates Centertrack pulley (not cog) in the back.