Friday, April 20

Consumed with Consumption

I was so hoping to get in a mountain bike ride after work on Wednesday. Unfortunately a rainy day at work saw that the trails would be saturated and unrideable by the time I punched the clock. With the rain still falling, I decided to take the long way home and knock out some errands along the way. First stop, PMBAR breakfast shopping at the bike shop that knows my name.

The actual employees don't know my name, but the "system" does.

After that, I stopped by my fourth favorite place in the world to purchase the cure for rain.

There's a certain sense of relief knowing that I am prepared for the future... well, at the very least I picked up my nutrition for PMBAR and got something to keep me lubricated enough to slide into the weekend. That's as much future planning as I can handle right now.

So I'm sitting here trying to write about how many weeks I have before such and such races coming up. I had to get up out of my chair and look at the calendar. Two weeks out from PMBAR, four weeks out from the Pisgah 111K, and to my surprise, the Trans-Sylvania Epic is the very next weekend. I did not know that they lined up like that. My mind had added a weekend off before TSE, but apparently there are not 37 days in April. Ouch.

Of course I'm right about in the same place I was last year (if not worse), minus the abstinence from alcohol thing. I'm unmotivated to do much more than my extended 9 mile commute in the mornings, and with my "new job," I'm actually riding much less at work as well. Add to that the fact that weight loss was easy back in February, but weight gain was typical throughout March and April. Apparently I've got issues with my insula, putamen and rolandic operculum. I'm glad science can tell me what I already know, that the more I exercise, the stupider I get. There's a serious disconnect between my brain and the hand holding the two pound block of frozen cookie dough and the other hand clutching a Ruthless Rye.

I tell myself "I'll start up again tomorrow. This day will be different than yesterday... or the day before."

Some part of me knows better. The smart part.

So today is yesterday's tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

Looking forward to a weekend of Sea Otter coverage. Wonder what's new in the world of rigid single speeds...

More rigider?

More singly?

I love Sea Otter. I went to it over a decade ago with my buddy from back home, Warchild. Such a cool opportunity to see so much action, steal a bunch a stickers, and mingle with the pros.

"Much cuter than Grig," she whispered back.

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