Tuesday, May 29

Big freaking news!!!!!

Here's the big news. I entered a contest... sorta

All right, maybe not BIG freaking news. I entered Zac into a contest. The Sun Valley Remedy Contest.

Yeah, if Zac wins he plans on taking me with him for a week long trip in Sun Valley, Idaho. Perhaps that makes me slightly biased as to who should win this chance of a lifetime. Whatever.

Yes, this is essentially yet another Facebook judged contest. I vowed that I was through with them after last year's experiences. I know you supported my cause in March of 2011 for the Ergon Base Camp contest only to see the judges overturn your popular decision to send me to Arizona. I'm sorry they took that away from you.

Then I let you down when I gave up the political process with just days to go in the Pisgah Stage Race contest. My apologies, but the voting was coming down to the wire, and I really wanted to see Montucky Miller come to Pisgah and see what it was like to sleep in a tent... somewhere other than on his own private pallet.

So here I am, busy "racing" my brains out at the Trans-Sylvania Epic, at a time when I would rather be hanging out with my fellow wannabe's, blogging for your votes.

And I will try to do so all week long... somewhat.

Look forward to daily updates (or not) as to why you should vote for Zac and I to go to Idaho.

Let's face it, if I go to Idaho, the experience will not be hidden under a bushel basket. Oh no. I will share everything with the class in excruciating detail when I get home. Those others? Pfftttt. Maybe a little facebook action.

"Look what I just ate in Idaho"

Lame. I'm sure they will delight you with twittered accounts of their days as well.

@lamerider Had a great meal with @chopper. Ate a baked potato. #win #Iblowdonkeys #srsly

I will deliver.


And don't just vote... comment. Any comment will do, the usual stuff you throw at me, but be nice since we're talking about Zac and he has "feelings."

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