Wednesday, May 30

Contest/TSE lame update

For real folks, I'm busting my balls here.

So it's not quite my balls, but I am busting shit up.

And there's only like 120 votes for Zac and I to go to Idaho.


I put more effort into creating podium moments than most of you put into your daily constitutional.

I shat on your lack of efforts towards getting me to Idaho in time for Nationals, where I can try and make great bike race...


120 votes needs to be 1,200 votes by tomorrow, or else I might have to get desperate.

Like pimply 11th grader looking for a prom date desperate.

Something I know nothing about.





Big E said...

Done and done Mr. Dicky. Although it is very tempting to see what you look like in a powder blue tuxedo with a frilly shirt and white patton leather shoes. Let's just keep your prom desperation in the closet. Right next to your sexuality...

Anonymous said...

You'll tear the legs off Montana (aka the shit covered gerbil) at Breck. I hear he has been racing Sport and only entering short races so far. Congrats on not sandbagging.