Thursday, June 14

I saw your derailleur, and your derailleur's dead

Sorry, that's an inside joke gone outside.

No Sun Valley Remedy talk today. It's in the hands of the judges now. I thank all of you for your support and hopefully we've done everything we could. Remember, if we win I'm bringing a t-shirt back for everybody. Unfortunately I mean just that... A singular solitary t-shirt*. You'll have to share it, so I'm thinking it will have to be sorta like a Netflix program. You receive the shirt, send it back to me when you are done wearing it, and then I will forward it to the next person on the list. I'm thinking this one:

or this one:

in an XXL so it will fit everyone.

So anyways, there's some shit going down in the South, but before that...

I just noticed this image over on Brado's blog from the Pisgah Eleventy-One start:

Notice that the bike messenger is the only one looking left as we pull out into the road.

Mad instincts... and hey, that's Zac holding the wheel of the cagey veteran. Musta thought I was making an early break away. He's like my own little Jan Ullrich

There's a bike festival going down on August 10-12 just north of Charlotte up at the Lake Norman trail system.

All the typical festival stuff; rides, MOMBAT museum tours, vendors, a movie, a plethora of pinatas, camping, a wet t-shirt contest (permit pending)... those kinda things. Fun times in the woods with like minded folks. Sad to say I'll miss this one since I'll be in Breckenridge sucking wind and chewing on Montucky's toes at night.

And for you racer bois and girls...

We got ourselves an endurance race series right here in our neck of the woods complete with cash payouts for the top five in the male, female, SS, and masters 40+ divisions. Am I racing the series? Dunno. The first one is coming up fast, like June 23rd fast. I just don't know if I'm ready. I took a week off the bike after TSE, well as much "off the bike" as I get. Ride to work, ride at work, ride home, and ride around like an idiot in front of a camera shooting video. This week has been pretty much the same, as the contest I promised to not talk about today has been consuming my mornings all week long.

Tempting though. Neal's races always have reasonable entry fees (@$60), and the chance at winning some dough? Tempting indeed. I use money to buy things all the time. Check out the races when you get a chance, a 4/8 hour, a marathon, and a 6 hour spread out from June 23rd to Oct 13th.

One last thing. Today at 1:00pm East coast time, Breck Epic is hosting an online Q&A chat regarding bike set-up for endurance mountain biking. I'm not gonna drop names, but three experts in their respective fields that look up to me as a father figure will be answering all your questions, so pop on over and give it a listen. Mike McCormack (Breck Epic promoter) will be on the panel as well, and it will be interesting to see if he can hold up his promise to keep his cuss words in his head.

So maybe tomorrow we know who won that thing I'm not talking about...

*t-shirt still not guaranteed.


eastwood said...

I like the "Dickflix" t-shirt idea... stop being a wuss* and get it done!! (I want on the list)

*I'm too nice to call you a pussy

pv said...

Pffft- yer a shoe-in.

Shaker's on my BD...oh yeh.

Beer me.

WV: oryleh (think about iiiiit)

pv said...

P/S, re: start pic- the temptation ta turn left musta been overwhelming. Seein' as how most folk from NC don't do a lotta right turns...(go fast, turn left, rinse, repeat). Just sayin'!