Wednesday, June 13

How will I laugh tomorrow when I'll run out of beer today?

One more day until the final decision is made in the Sun Valley Remedy contest. I should remain calm, but I can't. As it says in my profile, I'm quite the obsessive compulsive. I can lose thirty minutes of my life looking for a rogue sock while folding laundry. It's not that I don't have a plethora of other socks. It's just that I can't stand the thought of having a sock going solo into the drawer and the possibility of it being separated from its mate ad infinitum. Given the nature of my condition, I have been uber-focused on this competition. With the added stress of a certain unmentionable recent event and the associated obsessive compulsing related to said event, I'm losing my shit.

Social media has consumed all my spare time. I can no longer speak to my wife in more than 140 characters, and she has warned me that if I say hash tag to her one more time she will withhold conjugal relations until September.

"Whatever. Can you get me a beer, honey? #sobrietykills #hurryup"

And then I wasted an hour making this last night...

Zac and Dicky Make a Promo... The Boner Feature

Keep in mind that the Splash Fight scene took place in a creek a few hundred yards upstream from a sewage treatment facility. Does that show you how bad we wanna win?

The good news is that this will all be over tomorrow, and then birthday celebrations (Fajita's and mine own) and good times will come regardless of the outcome. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be celebrating my birthday this Sunday by doing trail work in order to play catch-up with my "12 days in 2012" pledge. In even worster news, Fatty has decided to endorse another candidate in the STDD contest through tweets and bloggage (and a shameless request for retweetage). That's essentially like having a brother who's the governor in a swing state. Nothing I can do to repay Fatty aside from cutting the chamois out of his bibs at the Breck Epic in August.

I can't put out that fire alone. Form a bucket brigade for one more day and let's save the barn from being reduced to ashes. Go to Sun Valley's facebook page and drop a load of verbal flame retardant.

Or crank the valves off the tweet hydrant and hit @visitsunvalley with a fire quenching load of letters and egregious symbols like:

"I loves me some Zac and Dicky boner footage. #awesomeboner #risefromtheashes"

Only you can prevent Fatty fires. Do it, do it now....

And if you haven't already seen our video entry for the STDD contest, where the hell have you been?


Anonymous said...

The first rule of splash fight is that there isn't any splash fight

AdamB said...

#More splash for my cash...