Tuesday, June 12

Marlin Perkins would so love Sun Valley, Idaho

Today I was going to write a post your about how wonderful and deserving Zac is, and why you should support his need for a trip to Sun Valley, Idaho. That would be a boring attempt to continue to flog you for your help. I prefer the least amount of un-fun posts possible.

Then I decided I wanted to do a "Making of "Zac and Dicky Make a Porno'" post, but I've been dealing with some "issues" in my "real life" that have been extenuated by the fact that I need to spend time being all social media'esque. Too much shit in my hands to be doing screen grabs and downloading unused outtakes. How reality sometimes gets in the way...

That post will happen eventually,

or not.

Looking for a ray of sunshine to brighten my drama-impacted day, I was delighted when I saw that Chopper had left a comment yesterday.

"blog has me rolling! keep getting the vote out and win this trip to our sleepy little burg of singletrack dreams. hope to crush beers and roost trails with you guys!"

Who's Chopper (for those that don't know)?

Greg "Chopper" Randolph, before he became the face of Sun Valley Idaho, used to be a pro honch mountain bike rider back when there was a thing called "NORBA." How pro? Like former Olympian pro. Sure, he didn't race mountain bikes in the Olympics, but Synchronized Diving is a nice sport just as well. Thank my lucky stars that wikipedia did all the hard research for me already.

Younger folks might be more familiar with the Chopper of the "Ask Chopper" column that was in Bike Magazine up until a few months ago.

I take no encouragement from the fact that he says "hope to crush beers and roost trails with you guys!" I hope that one day I am discovered as a talented actor based on our STDD Contest video and I get a part doing a three-way love scene with two gorgeous, but very age appropriate actresses. The Pie can't complain if I'm getting paid to be naked with them, right?

But that's just it. Hope is not a guarantee. It's just hope.

I hope we win this contest so that I can meet Greg Randolph. Not because I'm enamored with celebrities (aside from age appropriate naked A-list actresses), but because ever since he stopped writing "Ask Chopper" I've realized I have so many questions that have been left unanswered:

Why do they call you Chopper?

Is it all right if I call myself "Little Chopper" or perhaps "Chopper Lite"?

Have you ever been asked to be the spokesman for the Slap Chop? Stop having boring tuna, stop having a boring life... you know?

Speaking of choppers, who do you think was a better Colonel on M*A*S*H, Henry Blake or Sherman T Potter? I don't mean which one was more entertaining, but which one was a more effective leader by means of their own personal management styles?

Have you ever hung out with Ned Overend, and what was he like, and have you ever borrowed a Hawaiian shirt from him, and has he ever put you on his lap and told you ghost stories, and do you think if there is a God he feels bad for letting Ned see a lion eat an antelope on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom as a young boy, and if you were told your favorite color couldn't be your favorite color anymore, would you be totally distraught or just mildly annoyed?

What's your favorite color?

Do you have any hair care tips for a man with a receding hairline?

That's just page one of my notes. I have another 36 pages of questions that I feel the need to ask... assuming I get the opportunity.

So if you want to help get Zac and I to Sun Valley (not to be confused with Fun Valley, Sin City, or Whale's Vagina), continue to tweet to @visitsunvalley and post all over their facebook page.

Haven't seen our video yet?


It's all over the interwebs. Not quite viral, but at the very least bacterial, and certainly enough to make you sick.

Thanks for your previous and continued support. The final judging goes down on Thursday (my daughter's birthday? seriously?), so maybe I make great blog post regarding contest for two more days... or one. I've been dying to tell you about this new toothpaste I discovered last night. Who woulda thought... chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream toothpaste... or maybe that was just ice cream in a tube?

And my birthday is Sunday and I wanted to have time to make all the invitations and get to Party City to pick up hats and noise makers...

Where was I?

Oh yes, the video...


pv said...


Are ya gonna make some shirts promoting yer porno? Not that I'd like one...just sayin. Sorry man..didn't click on yer flick either...for obvious reasons. *shudder* Seen WAY too much of yer skin this year already...*shudder again*.

Sarah said...

Video is hysterical! Love the shopping cart!