Monday, June 11

And now, your feature presentation

I asked for a couple things last Friday.

1) "Like" Sun Valley on Facebook.

2) Post something beautiful on their wall about Zac and I or tweet some sweet shite.

Friends who liked Sun Valley before the post went up Friday:

The response over the last three days was overwhelming, but in an inverse manner.

What's the matter?

Are you not entertained?

The ratio of people who clicked the link to the girl/girl movie kisses VS the Sun Valley Facebook page?


According to google stats, more of my "friends" have watched Bio-Dome three times in a row without leaving the couch than bothered to "like" Sun Valley.

So anyways...

A weekend of planning, beer, dental cleansing, filming, costumes, beer, pizza, a moment of strange trauma causing lost sleep, editing, and beer. All to give you this, a final product.

But before we get ahead of ourselves...

Keep in mind that this is a labor of love, but a reciprocal, greedy, self-promoting kinda love. We'll give, you'll get... and then you give it back. If you like what you see, shout it from the virtual rooftops of the world over on the Sun Valley Facebook page or tweet like your fingers are only attached to your hands for the sole purpose of typing 140 characters of delight to @visitsunvalley.

No voting, just bring da ruckus, da mother fucking ruckus, Wu Tang style.

If, and I said"if" Zac and I were to win this trip to Sun Valley, ID, rest assured that I will come back with a t-shirt for everybody.*

Microwave that small bag of popcorn, grab your seat, and hold on.

*t-shirt not guaranteed


TheMutt said...

That video is so rad, and you and Zac or so going to Idaho.

By the way, I was there when you bought that skinsuit, and now I wish I had stopped you.

AdamB said...

You guys are gonna win the shopping buggy race, no doubt.
Awesome. I actually wish the vjideo was longer (esp the beer hand-up) ;p
I am looking forward to vjoting for your funny asses.

AdamB said...

Fjunny and fjearful. You guys should be Sun Valley bound. I'll vjote for yer asses. Good luck (and more beer-girl hand-ups, please)

JasonS said...

Good video! Kind of a biker fox move there at the start. We never see you two together...hmmm

JasonS said...

Great video! Kind of a biker fox move there at the start. We never see you 2 together...hmm

Riding with dogs said...

That shit was funny, if you win we'd better get a video of your Sun Valley experience

Peter Keiller said...

It lacked nipples. It lacked explosions.
I didn't hate it despite that.

chopper said...

your blog has me rolling! keep getting the vote out and win this trip to our sleepy little burg of singletrack dreams. hope to crush beers and roost trails with you guys!

Shane S. said...

Great vid man! Who's diseased skin flute did you play though in the bunk house at Trans Sylvania. Need to get on a 10 day cycle of Valtrex before video production next time.

Big E said...

Done and done sugar buns!I told them how swell you guys are. I'm sure they'll listen to me. I have incredible pull in Idaho...

Sarah said...

Ha! I had forgotten about the movie "Bio-Dome"! What a riot!


Anonymous said...

Zack and Dicky make a Promo?
How about:
Zack and Dicky make a Porno!
In other words lets see the un-edited version!