Friday, June 8

Debauchery... and how you can help me make more of it

photo cred: Kenny Wehn

I'm not sure why Chris looked so surprised when they said we were under arrest. I hear he has a great attorney.

After the 3 Beer Race and the related collision with uber-awesome Cheryl Sornson, I sought out some liquid solace. The 3 Beer table that had been lined with relatively-cool-when-compared-to-the-Sahara Yuenglings was now almost completely barren. All that was left on the beer soaked table was a lonely bottle of champagne. Perhaps intended for the winners of said race. More than likely just for me.

With my commandeered bottle in hand, I welcomed the night. Soon enough, darkness came, a fire was built, kegs were tapped, a champagne bottle was recycled, and the good fight raged into the night. Something might have happened out there in the areas just beyond the fire barely lit by its warm light. Something I've only seen in movies. Something that had most of the men standing around slack-jawed in disbelief. Something you had to be there for.

Ask me about it some other time, in person, after a few...

photo cred: A E Landes

Timmy D and I decided to move the final keg closer to the fire. Whilst moving the silver barrel of happy, we overheard an interesting conversation. Something about "Hey, I've got a cabin up the road..."

Upon returning to Eagle Lodge at 1:00AM, I spied an excited Canadian on the top bunk directing my attention to the lower bunk. There in the darkness, I spotted the camel with two humps under a sleeping bag. Most of the cabin was awake and rustling attentively, and there was an air of awkwardness.

"What the *** are we supposed to do now?" was shouted without words.

Upon the cessation of the nocturnal activities, the partying party left out the front door with a sly "and that concludes the tour of Eagle Lodge" overheard by all.

The door slammed shut.

Laughter erupted, stories were swapped, and one would think we just watched the first man walk on Mars.

TSE 2013 better be good. Not sure how we're gonna top 2012 without breaking (more) laws.

And now...

I need your help.

Assemble the army.

Blitzkrieg. En masse. Wide spread chaos. Epidemic. Pure Energy.

Make it rain on dem Idahos.

I am planning to attack the Sun Valley Remedy Contest with a fair amount of vigor until it ends on June 14th. This contest will be decided by judges after they've had a chance to watch the videos THAT WILL BE UP BY MIDNIGHT SUNDAY. I want your help in letting them know that Zac and I should be the chosen ones.

Go to their facebook page.

Like it for crissakes.

So far, only 15 of my "friends" like it.

Now that you "like" Sun Valley, Idaho, post on their wall.

Write something fresh and original.

Not that.

How 'bout why Zac and I NEED to go to Sun Valley to cure our Single Track Deficit Disorder? How much you want to hear about Zac and I's tales of wonder and awesomeness from SV. How desperately I'll need blog fodder come July.

So you say you're a tweeter? Tweet some shit out on their twitter:!/visitsunvalley

@visitsunvalley needs to hear the thunderous roar of our virtual voices and the clanging of our face swords and twitter shields.

I am going to push this campaign of social media terror all the way through Wednesday, and then I plan on going back to a little bit of the whole "TSE in review" stuff. What worked, what didn't, what I think of PDA (awesome).

Help me help you help me entertain you. That's what I'm here for after all.



Andrew Brautigam said...

As your nominal "competition" I'm looking forward to your video.

dicky said...

Just the love scenes or the whole thing?

Karen said...

Oohhh, that's what you meant by "tour." Interesting.

Troops mobilized!

pv said...

Send the promoter a pic of your "podium sheet" can they possibly refuse after that. Might wanna promise to run the course in the CORRECT direction too...