Tuesday, July 17

Now, where were we?

Normal blogging operations were suspended for way too long. Lost in a sea of Idahoan bliss, shit's been piling up. Preparations left undone.

Something I've been looking forward to arrived while I was gone.

Sure those are the new Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gels, but I'm more into the Lemon Waffles.

Mostly because they remind me of my most favoritist ever shitty road trip food, the Lemon Creme Sandwich cookie.

Serving size: 2.5 rows

I know everyone went gaga over the Chocolate Organic Stinger Waffles, but seriously... this one gets double nutrition points for hitting the fruits and vegetables food group as well as the cookie food group.


This past Saturday, I went out and did some pre-ORAMM training type stuff with an ex-messenger by the name of Skidaladophy. I put the latest in technology to work and recorded the ride with my STRATTA device.

Sticky Tape Radically Adhered to Top Tube Accessory (with Sharpie option)

I needed to get my head around certain STRATTA segments of the course that have been on my mind lately. I've told myself time and time again to never ride the course just before the race, as certain portions are usually quite overgrown and the descent down Heartbreak is terribly sketchy due to the limited field of vision and the decreased width of the trail corridor.

But I did it anyways, once again vowing to never do it again.

Although I rode my bike in the very manner that I had planned to race it, I decided during the ride that it was time to switch things up. Although I just put the crabon fork back on last week, I took it back off the morning after the pre-ride.

My first ORAMM on a fjork since 2004. That should make the descent down Heartbreak all the more fun, although the extra 2.whatever pounds will suck muchly on the 10,000 feet on climbing. I'm just not in the mood to do the same old same old for another year. The Fox Fjork has been most excellent, so why the fuck not ride it?

I'm not sure if all the riding I did at a somewhat elevated altitude in Idaho will help me, or if all the alcohol I drank will offset any benefits I shoulda reaped while I was there. Not to mention the fact that my nutritional needs were met in a very feast or famine matter for eight days. I'd love to have a coach, not so much so they can tell me what to do all the time, but just so they could tell me what to do after I've screwed myself up for week long periods of binging and over indulgence.

I'm going into this ORAMM not with the eye of the tiger, but more with the frenulum of the penguin. I'm not sure what that means, but I think that's the point.

I doubt anyone has every risen to glory climbing the ladder of indifference.

Time to make a stack. A big stack.

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TheMutt said...

Bastard. I gotta get my hands on those Lemon Waffles now.