Monday, July 30

Sand in my turtle neck sweater

Just a weekend full of bike related activities and not enough sleep. Friday I was up late installing the newest in gadgetry on my Breck Epic bound machine. Up at 6:30AM, over to Zac's at 7:45AM, wait in the driveway for Brian who OD'ed on Benadryl the night before, and we were only on the trail at Wilson's Creek an hour late after seven stops for food, gas, and toilet usage. Just short of the classic route and a shakedown for my Breck Epic set-up before I toss it in a box and ship it out. Zac was railing all day on his now out-dated but still stupid fast Scott Genius. Right with me on the climbs locked-out and outta sight on the descents wide open.

Where's mine? The folks at Shimano and Fox offered to do a little hop-up to our bikes that I jumped on right away, so mine is in pieces again awaiting some happy parts.

Bryan on the left and Joey on the right.

Bryan's sneezing spell the night before crushed his will to live, or maybe it was the two Benadryls in the middle of the night. Joey punctured these odd things he had in his tires he called "tubes." I think they were the same things I just keep rolled up and strapped under my seat for emergencies. Maybe that's where he keeps them. Seems like they're better suited for travel under the seat.

Sunday I was up early again to try and stick to my 12 Days in 2012 pledge. There was a scheduled trail work day up at Fisher Farm in Davidson, so with only a couple days left in July, it seemed prudent to join in.

The downside to working at Fisher Farm? I spend more time working up there every year than I do riding. This does not mean that I do that much work there, just that I rarely make the 40+minute drive to that side of town for a ride.

The upside? Mark always has an agenda and can keep me busy the whole time. And he brings watermelon. My daughter likes the watermelon.

Hardly an over-the-top weekend, but at least I left out the details of grocery shopping, lawn mowing, bike washing, bike packing, women's beach volleyball watching...

And what's with the concept of Olympic beach volleyball... in London... at night... when it's cold?

Might as well be a winter sport.

I kid. I'm a fan of volley ball, and I used to play a lot in college and for a few years after when I had time for two sports in my life. It's a sport I like to watch and play, and I'll admit... I like bikinis.


AdamB said...

Did you strap a bikini to your Breck-bound bike or what? You are such a tease sometimes...

dougyfresh said...

no fireworks, machettes or 40s?


can I have my $2 back after reading this?