Thursday, August 30

Dicky's Nasty Covention

Only four more days until the Democratic National Convention descends on Charlotte like a horde of beasts. I am expected to come to work as usual and make my way around the mess of increased traffic, road closures, protests, and vendors selling Obama bobblehead dolls and T-shirts.

I work at A. I frequent B and C daily. I live on the side of town closest to B and C. Everything in red is a road closure/secure zone where who knows what is going on and how exactly one gets in there. 80% of my deliveries are in the "red zone." No one knows anything and what they think they know changes daily. Trash cans, outdoor seating and tables, mail boxes... if a protester can pick it up and throw it or hide a bomb in it, it gets removed. There are inspection points to get into the uptown area, and things like helmets and locks are considered illegal... bags subject to search. Many buildings still do not know how they are going to handle outside deliveries, and I am met with shrugged shoulders when I make inquiries with the top notch security in the lobbies.

Four days of this shit. Some folks at work are predicting that we'll be running full wide open the whole time trying to keep the firm running as normal as possible. Others feel that most everything will be impossible and thus we'll be doing nothing.

I'm anxious to see how the protests work out.

Not a protest. Just a Breck Epic mid-stage seven pyramid. It's what I think a protest will look like.

This is probably closer to reality.

I'm assuming that is not Febreeze being sprayed on the malodorous protesters.

Speed Street, CIAA, Taste of Charlotte... all these will seem like minor annoyances after the DNC leaves town. More than fifteen years of riding around delivering packages and whatnot, and this will be the biggest PITA in that time period.


This shit.

I didn't know Nate could rap or that he had a pool.

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Rob said...

Dickie's N jail Convention?