Wednesday, August 8

Not the news you're looking for

Dirt Rag #165 is on the newsstands. Haven't picked yours up yet? Here's what you're missing.

I thought it was nifty to see the Santa Cruz Demo Crew of Abby and Ariel on the cover, especially since I just got to ride with them in Idaho last month. Really nice people "living the dream" (sleeping in a van).

A couple of pages in, I thought maybe someone had actually written a letter to the editor about my column.

"... I won't be renewing my subscription... You publish a magazine, and in doing so you have a responsibility to uphold the sanctity of the English language. If you can't do that, then you should find another job."

It's a good thing that I already have another job. Unfortunately this enthusiastic reader was not referring (specifically) to my article, but at least now I have something to shoot for in the next issue.

What else is in there? More magazine type stuff, a sweet photo essay of the Trans-Syvalnia Epic from Abe Landes... no photos of me though. What's up with that Abe? I made you (wait in line for the bathroom).

There's also a tidy history of the 29'er by Guitar Ted. I didn't read it yet, but I'm sure he invented the whole concept.

Enough mutual masturbation with my industry insider douchebag friends.

Back to Breck Epic related topics.

Montucky Miller is already out west acclimatizing to the altitude.

That would be considered a doping violation, and there have been serious discussions to drop him from our East Coast division. Real men show up at altitude the day before and spend the week breathing through a dust mask full of sand.

Peter's bike is still falling apart. No news here.

It will continue to fall apart in order to make his last place efforts less his fault. Three sided spindles... strong enough for a tank, assuming you don't drive it.

There's some big news regarding West Coast Division hopeful Dejay Birtch.

According to his facepage, Dejay is no longer running with the Niner crew.

One could assume one of two things happened.

1) Misfit Psycles has a new rider, and I have yet to be notified that I'm cut from the squad.

2) Niner was none too happy to find out that Dejay was trying to eliminate his 2012 Breck Epic competition with explosives.

Dejay and Niner have been synonymous almost as long as I can remember... well ever since he was synonymous with Gary Fisher's 29'er movement. Can't wait to see what he'll be synonymous with next. Maybe he'll head back to Genesis geometry...


Peter Keiller said...

You need'nt worry yourself with my bike.
Unless I use it to bludgeon or choke you, it isn't what will kill you.

dejay said...

I wonder why Niner keeps deleting that same post when I put it on their FB page? Or why they have not made it know to the public, that I’m not with the team anymore/ using my face on their website?