Thursday, August 2

Still don't know what I was waiting for...

I had mentioned a big change (for me) last week.

Since then, I've said nothing worth saying about said change. There were bigger things to discuss; manscaping, beach volleyball, Legos, steaks... Those things could not wait. But now I get to share with you the latest in MTB technology that I now have in my grubby mitts. Something I saw while being being all chummy with the boys from Shimano while I was out in Idaho.

Introducing the all new Shimano NE XT Shimanonometers:

Never heard of NE XT? It's their new performance level XT that isn't quite up to the fit and finish of XTR.

The Skunkworks Team had been referring to this group as "Project Pink Slip" during development. Now it is what it is. Think of it as XT for N E where, N E time, N E place.

I will not be rocking the new NE XT Grippier Shifters™ on any of my bikes, but the Shimanonometers are definitely my jam. The right dial indicates blood pressure, which is going to be the next big thing in training. Forget heart rate and power meters. Blood pressure is the new king of performance. I get to know about these things before you do because I'm an "industry insider" douche.

That shit is dope, but I'm all about the left dial.

This is the Shimano Shimanonometer Podiumometer. It automatically detects when you are in the top three of your class letting you know when it's time to zip up the jersey for your trip across the finish line. That way you don't end up looking classless in your moment of glory... like this guy:

This way, if the dial is in the red, you know you're in the fucking zone, chief.

Or maybe none of this is happening. Maybe I just up and swapped my brakes over to XTR.

Not one set, but two.

Riding XT's all week in Idaho was a bit of a revelation. After Shimano Product Manager Matt Robertson helped me set up the XT's, I realized I was gonna have to make some changes when I got home.

"Matt, these brakes are too powerful and offer no modulation."

"You're doing it all wrong. So much wronger than any engineer at Shimano would have ever imagined. You have exceeded maximum allowable wrongage to a factor of 31.875ⁿ. Fuck."

After more than a decade on the same brand with only a couple short stints on some brakes I would suggest you AVoID, I was ready for the change. I was a bit intimidated with the concept of learning a new bleed procedure and line trimming protocol, but all has went well.

What impresses me the most is the power available with so little effort. Going down long, rough descents on a rigid bike, it's nice to not have to use so much forearm/hand strength for braking. That should give me more ooomph in the holding on for dear life department. Set-up was clean. no paint eating DOT brake fluid all over my bike room, and they feel soooo ergo one finger friendly.

Am I stoked?


Super stoked to have them mounted up before I descend down Wheeler in a ball of flames?

Very much so, to the power of ⁿ.


dougyfresh said...

About time you got rid of those Hayes brakes.

Welcome to real products that work!

cornfed said...

I can hear the squeal from here. Great levers though.

Andrea said...

Seriously... how long has everyone been telling you that Hayes brakes suck? Congrats on getting your head out of your ass. See you at Breck!

dicky said...

My Hayes performed well. These perform more betterer. I got the "no squeal" version.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going here:

instead of just getting functional stoppers.


Have fun in the thin air.


AdamB said...

Those brakes are incredible. I had the "unfortunate" opportunity to ride a buddy's S-Works Epic with full XTR kit (a full sus. bike shouldn't weigh what my SS weighs, should it?) and the brakes are what stood out. Now I need to save my shekels and grab a set. Meh