Wednesday, August 1

Caution: Slippery meat products ahead

The other day, I exited the big building to find something affixed to the right grip of the Fastest Bike in the World.

A napkin wrapped around my bar held in place with a rubber band. Perhaps a kind and caring passerby was trying to repair the shittiest grip in the uptown.

That wouldn't make any sense because my left grip is even worse.

Smile for the camera.

I removed the rubber band and found that the napkin had a cryptic message scrawled on it.

I inquired into its meaning using all my resources (facebook and twitter). The best anyone could come up with is "use hand signals at intersections or you will get t-boned." Possibly from an irate driver, but I doubt it.

The rubber band is from an old inner tube, a trick I employ quite regularly. I assume this is the act of a fellow tube recycling re-cyclist. I am still dumbfounded as to the meaning of this message. I wonder who I should call? Maybe a symbologist who is also an expert in nameology?

Maybe a symbologist who doesn't Riverdance would be a better idea?

Garth "I blame him for most of my problems now" Prosser must have got the same note left on his bike. Why else would he be running this very ride-able section of the Wilderness 101 course?

I am stupified.


Unknown said...

Someone is going to throw a brick at your crotch, so you should wear a cup. Simple as that.

dirtdirt's dirt said...

someone is going to stick an arrow up your taint and then hit you with a brick.

Bill Showers said...

brick throwing. Asshole. Terry Saddle.

I've got nothin.

Anonymous said...

use this to wipe when you shit a brick so you dont stain your chamois.

Dan said...

Throw-brick crotch steak == Throbbing crotch steak/meat

Anonymous said...

Advocat Sez:

Throw Dickie a (T) bone.