Thursday, September 13

Get ye to the local literary dispensary

The latest Dirt Rag should be hitting the newsstands right about now (right aboot now for the Canadianicans).

Another issue chock full of bike related stuff. 2013 bikes (like the updated version of my now outdated Genius), the "future of racing" (one word: hoverbikes), and apparently the discovery of a neolithic era mountain biker (rumored to be Tinker's father).

And another article from me.

I have been told this one is "possibly better than that other shit you have written" and "mildly amusing, but only to a slight degree." These are rave reviews in my book (available now at Books a Million). If and when you read this article, keep in mind it was written a month or so before I won the Scott Genius, thus confounding my sense of integrity but satisfying my love for irony. I don't wanna give up the content, but let's just say this is the third time I have written an article and by the time it was actually printed, I have eaten my words a thousand times over.


Turn the page and guess who's there?

What do you know? North America's hottest male and female riders separated by a nothing more than a crank advertisement. What's next for Dirt Rag? Centerfolds? One can only hope. Who knows what will happen since Dirt Rag is looking for a new editor...

Say what?

It's true.

When I first started, Karen Brooks was at the editorial helm.

She has since dedicated her magazine smithery skills to Bicycle Times. It's a magazine for urban cyclists, randonneuring luddites, and people who love to talk about GoreTex and wooden fenders.

Josh Patterson then took over the editorial position at Dirt Rag.

He left his lucrative cat farming business in Costa Rica to take the reins from Karen, and he held office for a period that was longer than the suggested microwave time for a burrito but shorter than Tyler Hamilton's suspension from professional cycling. Now he is going over to Bike Radar to start up their new project, Bike Sonar, what with underwater 650B riding believed to be the next big thing in mountain biking. Mariana Trench... google it. Matt McFee, master and commander at Hermosa Tours and Mark Sevenoff, head cosmonaut and sous chef of Western Spirit are already applying for tour permits.

Who's up for a 36,000ft+ descent?

If this is the opposite of riding at altitude, count me in. I bet there's tons of oxygen down there.

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Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't want to relocate to Pittsburgh? With all the car-bike accidents, throat slashings, and wonderful weather, it sounds like there would be plenty of time to sit inside and edit.