Tuesday, September 18

These grapes taste bad...

Assuming you read yesterday's post, realize that had I packed better on Friday night, managed to start my coffee maker the first time, or not decided it might be chilly enough for an undershirt, things woulda went quite differently.

The Pie woulda woke up a few hours later, discovered Maggie's issue (woulda had to deal with possibly putting her down alone), and in the end it still woulda been just a vestibular dysfunction. I woulda been at a bike race, and we woulda saved a lot of money by going to the regular vet as opposed to the ER.

Oh well.

Should I give up on racing for the year? If you look at the results for 2012, one might call it a decent "season." I was either on the podium
(the Breck podium was a gimme though) or a DNF. After a string of "seasons" with no DNF's, I walked away from this one with not one, not two, but three incompletes on my permanent record. If you're gonna do something, do it right.

There's always Double Dare, Shiner's Run P2P, some stupid cross race, or the Swank 65k.

Double Dare would interfere with The Pie's attendance of the Humane Society's Ties and Tails Gala. I'm not gonna ask her to skip that. It's very important to her.

Shiner's Run P2p could be done. Not my strong suit (power course, lo-tech), lotsa time to lose any remaining fitness I may still have, but at least it's on trails I love to ride.

The stupid cross race? As much as I want to do it, especially now that I have a cyclocross'esque bike, I gotta get over the $30 for 30 minutes of racing thing. I could get serviced in Vegas for that much. I could always race back to back CX Cat 4 Masters and Single Speed, 60 minutes of racing for $50... ouch.

Swank 65k? Sold out. Amazing. 200 riders at $120 a pop, sold out months ago. The race has gone BIG since the last time I did it in 2006. Eeeeesh.

At least with last weekend off, I got the Dickstickel Meatplow V.6 back together, rode the Scott Genius 40 twice (the XT Shadow Plus derailleur almost changes my mind about gears), and cleaned my bike room that has been a degrading shamble ever since the 2012 1.25 Months of Madness began.

All pretty boring, huh?

Apparently the Pisgah Monster Cross was not.


Shane S. said...

Thanks for the tip on Shiners Run! Those trails are toooo awesome to pass up! I'm totally in !

Anonymous said...

Definitely need to add Wilson's Revenge CX Challenge to your calendar! Give your cross bike that feeling of purpose back.