Thursday, October 25

Distracted and Protracted

The internet, more specifically Facebook and twitter, brings me great happiness.  The sharing of ideas, the dissemination of information, the flogging of former "heroes," the general airing out of dirty laundry, and the egomaniacal self-absorbed spewings. It all brings me such joy. Although I couldn't figure out who the twitoriginator of this photoshop was, that did not stop me from meme'ing it even further.

My fancy is further tickled when I see that Brad "Birdman" Schmalzer still Faceremembered "our song."
Get out your lighters...

I'm also Facehappy that the 2013 Doper Suck jersey is now in stock and ready to purchase over at Twin Six.

I'm not sure if it's relative anymore now that the UCI has given us 100% clean racing in 2012, but consider it a throwback jersey...  I'm gonna buy one for Hein Verbruggen for Christmas.


according to that same Facebooksource, the long awaited return of the BKB is coming soon, so it will be a close race determining which one will get the two hour sleeveless hack job.

And the one thing I saw last week that threw me into a Facetizzy?

I tried with all my might to get on some carbon rimmed Industry 9 wheels last winter, but my efforts were to no avail.  As soon as I saw this on Facebook this past Friday, I was on the phone quicker than you can dial 9-1-1 (I've got I9 on speed dial for such emergencies).  I all but plunked down the plastic to get a set on the way, but the Dick Handler at I9 talked me down from the ledge.  Complicating things even more, the Assistant Dick Handler tossed even more knowledge my way the next day at the Shiner's Run P2P presenting me with even more options for 2013.  More options and me go together like Bruce Willis and bad scripts, it's just too hard to turn them all down.  Let's just say that the boys (and girl) at Industry Nine are not resting on their laurels or on their butts.  Innovating products and changing colorways while we sleep (at work).


Anonymous said...

Expound on Dick Handler talking you down from the ledge.

- Chip

dicky said...

Just expounding the expounsion may have been too much.

cycling industry sycophant (arsbars) said...

I thought you got all your gear free - like me