Friday, October 26

I don't know why they call this stuff Hamburger Helper


It feels good.  No early morning pre-race wake up to dread over the weekend.  Actually, none more for 2012.  The Pink I race wheels have been removed from the Dickstickel Meatplow V.6, and my race specific Cousin Eddie Edition Sidi's are all cleaned up and going back in the box until 2013.

Not only did I use Pro Gold product to get them sparkly, I used a total of three cleaners.  I pre-soaked them in Bike Wash and Degreaser + Wash, and then I finished them off with Helmet Cleaner and Deodorizer.

I also got a final mending on a big nasty snag/scuff/tear/grind from a big wreck at the Pisgah 111K back in May.

I figured if I was gonna sew a piece of innertube to a $400 shoe, why not make it obvious that I had a piece of innertube sewn to a $400 shoe?  Of course I used a 29'er tube.  I don't want it to be obsolete in a couple years.

Just because I'm done racing, that doesn't mean you have to be.  In a couple weeks, there's the Cranksgiving Weekend down in Greenville, SC.

I will not be going, but I'm sorta bummed to not be trying my hand at the Super D AND Enduro race.  That doesn't sound too bad at all, what with the not-so-much climbing and beer.

The next thing coming up won't require my Cousin Eddie Edition Sidi's or my Pink I race wheels.

As a sponsor of said Princess Bride Alleycat, I believe it is my option as to whether I race, volunteer, or officiate the tight jeans pole dancing competition.  I just don't know if I want to "race."  I have not participated in an alleycat since November 2004, and the entry fee is quite steep at $5.  I mean, I remember when these things were only $3.50.  I blame Obama.

The next day, I will need to drag my belly full of New Belgium, PBR, and irony out of bed and get over to the USNWC to spectate not one, but two races.

A double header day of action, first the North Carolina Single Speed Championship and then the appropriately named "Cyclocross Race."  I did race in the Championship race last year, bagging 3rd place in the 40+ and 5th overall, which ironically put me in virtual 3rd in the open class.  I could race, it's only 18 miles of effort, but I am tired of racing right now.  I'm pleased with how 2012 shook out, so why try to massage my ego anymore than I have already?  The Pie thinks I'm a winner, and that's all that really matters.

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