Tuesday, October 9

The "season" that won't go away

I was tempted to take the day off from blogging to celebrate Bike Messenger Appreciation Day, but since I'm the only one in my house and at work that celebrates it.... well, it seems kinda uneventful.  There's not even any cake.

The Pisgah Monster Cross Challenge was supposed to be my last race that wasn't.  I'm rather fat and happy right now, not worried about fitness, over-training, or riding until my ears bleed.  The only real problem is that races are still popping up on the calendar just as often as they were back in April.

Wilson's Revenge is this weekend.  It's another gravel road race.  I never said I was a fan of this sort of riding, but I did do the old school version of this race back in 2001 (Mountain Mania).  At the time, I only signed up because I thought it was a mountain bike race.  Sideshow Garth "Yellowman" Prosser is begging me to go.  I worry about his true intentions.

This weekend is also the Grind on the Greenway.

Six hours of laps on an almost all singletrack course a half hour from my house.  While I'm not that big into lap racing per se, the weather will be beautiful, and the promoter brings lots of food which enables my "living off the land" method of racing.  I'm entertaining the idea of doing it with a partner to make the experience that much more fun and that much less effort.

Next weekend is doubled up as well.

The Pisgah Double Dare.  Fortunately for me, my wife will be attending the Ties and Tails Gala for the Charlotte Humane Society on Saturday night, thus my presence is required at the house to tend to small human and animal needs.  Saved by responsibility... at least until 2013.

That doesn't save me from the Shiner's Run P2P.

38 miles, food, non-exorbitant entry fee, a relatively short drive away, and home in plenty of time to be a responsible adult.  Same awesome trails as featured in the Burn 24 Hour Challenge and the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek with some Over Mountain Victory Trail thrown in for good measure...

And speaking of the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek, registration is only three and a half weeks from now.  Be sure to set your alarm for 7:55AM on November 3rd, as this race sells out in a matter of hours.

So, race the next two weekends away providing days worth of blog fodder, or toss that money in the gas tank and drive to the mountains for some leaf peep style riding, or stay close to home, ride local trails, reduce my carbon footprint, and drink beer on the back porch?


Anonymous said...

You forgot one....6 Hours of Moore's Springs is this weekend as well on Sunday. Maybe you should do 6 hours of Grind on Sat and then do 6 hours of Moore's on Sun. You know just for good measure of course ;-)

Cam said...

Leaf peep style riding is terribly under rated and post peep beers are rumored to be abundant.

Anonymous said...

Shiner's Revenge..."home in time to be a responsible adult"? We are camping at Bandit's Roost and following SS principals of race prep on Friday night and post race recovery principals and practice on Saturday night...and Dickey will be headed back to the Queen City?!????

dicky said...

I gotta get back to at least watch my daughter. I can turn the dogs loose in the back yard, but her? Not so much.

John Parker said...

I don't see an endro on this list?

You have the u just need to find the race.