Monday, October 8

Robbed, dude


If it weren't for football and cyclocross,  I think facebook woulda shut down without these wonders keeping their servers churning.  Unfortunately, I don't do either, so how could I possibly keep myself entertained over the weekend?

My vow to not drink in October lasted all of five days.  Jon Danger informed me that New Belgium was festivalizing in Charlotte again, and if perhaps I came by the shop, beers may amply flow in my general direction.  Steve and Kevin were already there trying to empty the mini-fridge before we headed to the park ISO coerced beerage.  Fridge emptied, we headed into the darkness.  A flat and a few navigational errors later, we were on the scene.
The name of the game was to drink tasty beers without paying for tasty beers. It's not that we couldn't afford to purchase said beers, but there was a bit more sport involved in the acquisition of free beers.  Fortunately we knew people who knew people who knew Hairy Chronic Jr who happened to be in control of a tap or two.   We were all winners.

Saturday was a laid back, no pressure ride for a few hours followed by Moocho Nachos at Big Gay Al's.  There were no barriers to jump or tackles to be dodged in the name of glory and Budweiser.

Sunday was the Red Bull Rampage on the big screen at Stabby's.  The atmosphere of "braaah" and "dude" on the desert floor was so thick it was palpable from the couch.  Trucker hats, low slung waist bands, and Miller High Life set the mood.

I was rooting for Wil White for the "W."

    photo cred: Pink Bike

Wil was riding an old Karpiel Disco Volante with Spinergy Spox wheels, mismatched brakes, assorted other clapped out parts, and what appeared to be a Kalloy Uno seatpost.  No matter.  Wil was throwing down shit that put the uber pros on their uber bikes to shame.  He deserved the win.

The judges did not agree.

Dude was robbed, thus proving that any competition that is based on a scoring system and some metered form of human reasoning is plain stupid. 

This was the winning run by Kurt Sorge.  No idea how to pronounce that last name... well maybe one idea.

Not too shabby, but un-sponsored Wil White was Seabiscuit, Rudy, the Hoosiers, and Johnny Utah all rolled into one and stuck under a blonde wig.  Maybe next year he'll be fortunate enough to have a big logo on his chest and a shot at winning the Bullshit Rampage.

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AdamB said...

It's always that damn Russian judge...
Freakin' Commies