Monday, November 26

Crazy Haze

Four days away from reality.  Gonna be hard to step back in, especially after discovering that the earflap cycling cap I purchased with a gift certificate I won at a bike race has went missing over those four days.

Wednesday night, I went out in search of preThanksgiving joyfulness.  I got this instead:

Jon Danger making a Gnarlube type video for Triflow thus stopping all sales of both brands forever.

At the house of the Gentle Ginger, ride plans were finalized for the next morning, I continued my beer desnobberizing project, and Team Nicky got his retro-bike prepped and shined.

After five or so hours of celebrating, I wisely ran away.  With age comes wisdom.  The Gentle Ginger and company recklessly forged on into the night.

The next day, the ride was scheduled to go off at 9:00AM at Sherman Branch.  Some, including myself were to meet back at the scene of the previous night's crimes.

The Gentle Ginger was still asleep at 8:30AM.  This was the scene at 8:50AM:

People trickled into the house like an unwanted leak in in the ceiling.  Eventually we were in the vehicle for our now 10:00AM ride.  Strangely enough, there were others in the lot for our 9:00 now 10:00 ride.  Big Worm and Merrill, Ryan from Hackerspace came even later, The Dude somehow found us while we were poking around the old silo.  We spent more time doing one lap than it takes to burn down a shed while deep frying a turkey.

Later that day, I went home to recover from the first 20 hours of vacation.  I washed up the BKB kit in anticipation of a ride happening on the family trip to Oak Island.

It made it from the line to the bike room, and that's as far as my beach ride plans went.

I knew better than to bring a bike to the beach.  I rarely ever ride it, and when I do, it's a boring ride into a headwind in every direction... what I imagine riding in Iowa to be like.  Beach time stayed family time from start to finish.

We did typical family things; walk on the beach, pick up seashells, eat seafood, watch a Star Wars marathon on Spike TV, look at wildlife,

climb a lighthouse...


All to rush back into town yesterday, unload the car, throw my bike on the rack, get my ass back in the woods for an hour or so, and then head to a very important meeting of massive self-importance.  There was actual yelling.  It was awesome.

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Jon Danger said...

Do you think that Tri-Flow makes my cheeks look fat? Should I have gone with ProGold?