Wednesday, November 21


Being thankful.  That's what tomorrow's about...

Well, that and feetball, gluttony, deals on flat screens at midnight, pissing off relatives... I dunno.  I know I don't do whatever it is correctly.  I'll be getting up and heading out for a bike ride.  I'll be thankful for my friends who show up and join me.  I'll be thankful if one or two of them show up with beer.

It will be good to be thankful for something.

I was not so thankful when I found this Sunday night:

Then again, maybe I should be thankful.  Thankful that the rock that flew up and hit my down tube while riding down Daniel's Ridge didn't smash my shin (although my leg would heal, steel tubing will not).  Thankful that my pride and joy is made of a fabulous ferrous material that won't be compromised in terms of strength or longevity.  Thankful that the damage is in a place where I will rarely have to look at it and murmur an expletive under my breath.

But fuck all if it doesn't piss me off.  My By:Stickel is a piece of art, and I do love this bike so. No one will see the damage with just a cursory glance, but I will always know it's there.  Some would say it "adds character."

I would like to punch them in the face.

But I should be more positive given the whole "thankfulness" thing.

Here are things I am currently thankful for right now:

A supportive and very small family unit.  They are not Lilliputian in actual size, but this close knit, small-in-numbers family of mine keeps me stable and normal' esque.

All my sponsors who have supported me in one way or another for the year of our Lord 2012.  It was an awesome ride as always.  Can't wait for 2013.

I still have a job... not just a job, but one that suits me well.  I don't know what else I'd rather do. Sixteen years ago this week I pulled my first job in the Queen City.  I stepped away from it for four months back in 1997, and that was all I needed to see that I wasn't meant to wear slippers and a tie to work.

I don't have to to wear slippers and a tie to work

A new opportunity coming up to be part of something bigger, like Sasquatch bigger but not quite King Kong bigger.

I'll be doing three stage races next year, two that are near and dear to my heart and one that I haven't been to in a half decade.

The holidays will be over soon and the urge and opportunity to overindulge in unhealthy activities will soon be gone.

Speaking of "unhealthy activities," Sweet Water's Happy Ending will be available some time next month.

I can't wait.

And if you are having trouble finding something that makes you feel thankful, well just look at this overly offensive slice of life:

See you Monday.


David Nice said...

thanks for the smiles and giggles your blog has provided me :)

Anonymous said...

Dents suck

the original big ring said...

Poopy butts - tee, hee

I haven't seen balls that big on a turtle in a long time.

dicky said...

Since Mark shoved your pillow in his ass?

cornfed said...

All I see are stress risers.

dicky said...

All I hear is a ti snob.

Big E said...

I'm glad that you're normal'esque versus non-normal'esque. That would be scary...

Bob said...

What stage-races are up for 2013?

dicky said...

soon Bob, soon.

Andrea said...

Should have ridden carbon