Thursday, November 1

Spoke too soon about not speaking again too soon

I was planning on not posting today...

but this was too sweet to not share.

Western North Carolina's Wes Dickson, clan leader of the Pasty White Bearded Hill People, owner of Sycamore Cycles, and Brevard City councilman won the semi-annual Transylvania County Coloring Contest for the third time in a row.

According to the judges, Wes kept more color within the lines than any other contestant this year.  Fans of Wes's coloring ability showed up in droves to support the local artisan.  Said one fan claiming to be his biggest, "Wes colors good, like way gooder than anyone else does."

Wes, ever the perfectionist, said, "I just wish I woulda remembered my personal crayons.  I had to use the set I had in the glove box from my last trip to IHOP.  It was very limiting not having burnt umber at my disposal."


Anonymous said...

I was happy to see a new post this morning and then realized that this site giveth and taketh away all at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Sweet pic man. Kinda looks like dumbo got into the slurpee tank and now he has to pee again. It's probably a good thing there was no "burnt umber" color available...

Sorry... :|