Monday, December 17


Friday night, the texts were bouncing around.  Who's riding tomorrow?  When? Where? What time?

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I was mentally committed to one more day of trail work.  I still had one to go in order to finish out my 12 Days in 2012.  Obviously I fell behind and had to double up on a few months, but this one would complete my dirty dozen.

Besides, this is my favorite kind of trail work.  Not cutting drainage, fixing mud holes, or PITA benching.  This was refining, feature adding, berm building, caressing the lines... the kind of day where if you wanna have input on the final result, you best show up.

I thought the arrow would help those that needed to know which way to launch off the slab of concrete.

I only put it three hours of wheelbarrow loading and pushing, rock toting, tamping, telephone pole caber tossing, and running around in the woods "air biking" trying to get a feel for some of the berms and turns.

photo stolen from Solar

I had promised to try and pull off a ride over in George Poston Park with Stabby, Eric (former) Van Driver, and Typles.  After a regrettable stop for fast food, a Stabby scoop, and a meetup in a lonely parking lot where you probably don't want to back your car into the spot (those crazy geocachers), we were off and riding.


I only fell over once...

on a climb.

I woke up sore on Sunday from trying to do too much too fast with a 43 year old body and riding steep punchy trails behind someone on a geared bike that liked to discuss wheel theory on long climbs.  I had to dig deep into my messenger bag of mettle though, as The Pie had given me the go ahead to get out for an early ride.  The plan was to ride the not-ready-to-be-ridden new trail to see how well it was flowing.

It did, flow that is... for the most part.  It's still rough and to remind you that it isn't ready to ride, there are plenty of 2-3 feet high cut-off saplings that haven't been grubbed out of the middle of the trail yet.  Still, it will be an excellent addition to that side of the system.  I rode a little bit more, jumped over a double a few times (something I haven't done in years), and generally goofed off until the rain rolled in.

I did try to do some LaLonde style BKB fashion shots.

For the most part, it was a major fail.

But since they turned down my idea to produce a line of Bare Belly Brigade half-shirts, I came up with a new idea...

Introducing the newest thing that Twin Six will not touch with a ten foot touching pole, the Bare Moose Knuckle Brigade.

This would be the hawtness.  What self-respecting female would not wear a BMKB t-shirt with a pair of form fitting yoga pants?

The answer is none.  None would not.

You're welcome.

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