Friday, December 7

Magnetic Public Attraction

There are times when "good enough" is fine.  There are other times when "good enough" is never enough.  When I'm done raking leaves and I look back at a yard littered with 50-100 stragglers that managed to escape my grasp? 

Good enough.

When I lube my chain by squirting ProLink in the general direction of said chain while rotating the cranks backwards at a high rate of speed?

Good enough.

But when I center my front chain ring or trim a helmet strap or cut the sleeves off a jersey or wash my bike or organize my tools or neatly roll a tube into a tidy bundle to Awesome Strap to my bike...

There's no stopping at "good enough."

My old "trusty" Park Tool TS-7 was just "good enough."

The new Park Tool TS-2.2 is the total shit business.

I had some reservations about replacing my old stand.  I've had it for close to a decade, and it had served me well in that time.  I bought it back when I was going crazy with a local shop discount and buying everything under the sun.  It even made a guest appearance in a Dirt Rag article about the importance of having proper tools.

I've trued many a wheel on that old stand and even built a few...

but it was not without its challenges.

It required a bit more patience and understanding.  A little more coaxing and attention.  It was a consumer level stand for consumer level needs.

I have greater needs.

Anal compulsive needs. 

I've been thinking that my new race wheels from Industry Nine will be a spring kind of thing.  Still stuck on which rims to get, the Pink I's needed to get a good once over before the early part of next year when I'll probably do a few ill-advised races to convince me that I need to start riding more.  For good measure, the wheels would get new bearings all around, a freehub cleansing/re-lubing, and a proper truing.

New bearings in hand and a couple surprises because I am an "industry insider douchebag."

So imagine my disappointment when I threw the wheels in the stand (one at a time) to find that they were almost as true as the day I got them.  Seven or eight months of riding and racing like an idiot and not even a decent hop or wobble. A couple quarter turns here and there, and the TS-2.2 was put back in the corner to collect dust.

It's a good problem to have, I guess.

Anyways, I'm sure when certain friends of mine find out that I have the TS-2.2 at my disposal it will magically transform into a beer magnet.

I love you TS-2.2...



Metro said...

Ok Ok Ok, I will save my money and get the TS-2.2. Gawhhhh

Now if it had a built in beer opener and some kind of anti-static dust collection coating I would have to add it to my Christmas list.


TheMutt said...

I'm coming over with some beer.