Friday, February 15

... and Winning

Even with the recent "losing," there has been a fair amount of winning going on around here.  Not to not be included, I already mentioned yesterday that I am winning at losing.  I am also winning at replacing things I lost.

I have almost replaced the entire contents of my lost Tülbag, including the pieces I thought irreplaceable.  The best part is it all still fits in the older, smaller version of the Tülbag (right), so I won't have to move into the larger, newer version (left).

The Olde Stuffe

I still haven't replaced the old driver's license or the I-doubt-they-woulda-been-useful-on-a-Slime-Pro-covered-tube insta-patches.  At least the key elements are there.

The chain tool harvested (and modified) from a 90's Giro multi-tool and the 8mm nublet horked from the Genuine Innovations multi-tool I carry at work, secured with two o-rings.   Sure, the 8mm now fits on the 5mm instead of the longer 6mm, thus reducing leverage. Doesn't matter.  I figure this is more of a "fuck, my pedal/crank fell off and howmuhgonna fix it?" tool, not a "I wanna take muhcrankoff for no reason in the middle of a race" tool.

I also added a few wraps of duct tape to my home-made tire boot.

Because you should always have duct tape.  I've used it quite a few times in the past and have no idea why it took so long to remember to get some in my Tülbag for general purposes.

Confused on how to use a Tülbag?  You shouldn't be, but if you are...

I also replaced the last two water bottle boss rivnuts that were dissolved in a solvent tank.

Now the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5 is fully complete once more.  Perhaps soon enough, this bike will be known as the bike that changed the world... or at least Canada.  Yes, Peter is thinking about something new, something modern... perhaps even something RED.

Other big wins?

I have lined up all my travel for the three stage races this year.  My Double D partner Jana has lined up this sweet rig for the Trans-Sylvania Epic.

If in fact The Pisgah Tavern/The Hub has allowed us the use of said vehicle for our journey to Central PA, I will be rifling through all the compartments looking for the hidden kegerator.

The BC Bike Race logistics were more of a pain than I anticipated.   The TSE and Breck Epic have made me a lazy man.  I looked at hundreds of flight options to find the ONE that worked, and by "worked" I mean that it didn't burn up an extra day of my paid time off.  At one point, spurred by low frustration levels, I almost tossed the keyboard and decided to just do the Tour de Burg instead.  Then I remembered that the BC Bike Race is pretty awesome and worth the effort... not to mention that the TdB is awfully hard and whatever I can do to avoid it is best done.

I will be getting off a plane the Monday morning after the race and heading to work 2.5 hours later... whatever.

Breck Epic?  Easiest in and out right off the plane race I've ever done, from a logistical sense.  Sure, USAir dinged me for 55,000 frequent flier miles, but such is the nature of air travel nowadays.  Condo is secured and much closer to the action than last year.  Two out of four roomies committed.  Still looking for 2-3 more.

Almost time to relax and perhaps start preparing my body in a fitness sense.

And lastly...

Another three legged foster dog will be leaving our house today and going into the general population at the Humane Society of Charlotte.

Staples (AKA Colonel) will be ready for adoption very soon.  He's been one of those fosters here in the Dillen household that we're going to have a hard time giving back.  He has not let his lack of a fourth leg slow him down at all.  He can jump into bed, run around like a maniac, follow Fajita around tirelessly... he's just got that something special.  An affectionate little guy, around 18 months old, who has not had an accident in our house in the two weeks we've had him.  Super smart, he'll make someone a great pet.

I will miss this one.


AdamB said...

That last photo is a keeper. You still know how to make great blog fodder. Thanks

Montana said...

Woah, sweet coin purse! Have you mentioned that thing before?

dicky said...

I lost my coin purse. This is a new coin purse.

Anonymous said...

Reporting DAT van to bike source as they have a Van...Might not make it there but...

BUCK said...

Word on the street is that the TdB is being reduced to four, count em' 1, 2, 4 days. They have achieved this by canceling the road stages.

Come back Dicky, come back.