Monday, February 18


I was so looking forward to riding the completely reassembled and now with full braking power Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5 this past weekend.

I did not get to ride it at all.

I went to bed Friday night knowing that the rain was coming.  I woke up and got industrious hoping to make the most of the day in order to keep my Sunday options open.

If there was an undone task, it got done that day.

My bike room got the total once over.  Forgotten things were found, unclean areas back under control and organized, and a dozen or so very used but kept for some reason Hayes brake pads pitched in the garbage.

Used Ziploc bags organized, sewing and mending pieces of gear and a pair of footie pajamas, never/rarely worn race t-shirts collected for Goodwill, spare parts for cycling shoes I no longer own thrown away, drivetrain cleaned on the Fastest Bike in the World, and gloves, arm/knee warmers, extra nutrition, and That Butt Stuff shelves organized.

Note to self:  Almost out of That Butt Stuff just in time for a future increase in saddle time.  Well played.

I really felt like I would get in a decent ride on Sunday.  That hope was all I needed to press on all day long.

Then we got thunder snow.

Luckily that night, Elk stopped by on his way from the Southern Cross race back to Philly (no, he doesn't know Will Smith).

He regaled me with tales from the race and his time with fellow friends.  As much as I miss those people, I was glad to not be racing.  It's just too early in the year for such tomfoolery.  Hearing that Kelly Klett beat Gerry "The Pflug" Pflug for the SS class win was interesting.  That means two things:

The Pflug can be beat by mortals.

Kelly has been training, getting stronger, and is young enough to actually be on the upside of his potential parabola.  Scary thought since he lives in my neck of the woods and does 90% of the races I enter.

He had Selene Yeager's bike with him.  I had intentions to teabag the top tube.  I just totally forgot.  Funny thing was that Elk was under instructions from above to teabag everything of value in my bike room but forgot as well.  Another day, my friend.

I woke up Sunday hopeful, but my dreams were dashed with one look out the window.  The thunder snow had stuck around overnight.  The sun was out and the trails would be moosh.  The option of racing in the last short track race of the year was discounted immediately.  The conditions would be fun, but the crusher run surface combined with melting snow would eat through brake pads and require more time cleaning than I would be racing.  I considered suiting up and riding the cross bike over to spectate in the 33° weather, but I watched Dredd instead.

Not a remake of the campy Stallone/Schneider/Von Sydow romp of the 90's.  Very violent and the lead actor never took his helmet off... ever.  His heavy use of scowling was quite pleasant, although the lack of the use of Anthrax's "I am the Law" was disturbing.

I'm a big fan.

Respect the badge and all.

There were moments when I considered bundling up and heading out into the wind for a road ride on my Fjire Mjare SS cross bike, but I thought better of it.  I don't generally ride for fitness.  I ride for fun... or to get somewhere... or for work.

But not for fitness.

Zero miles ridden this weekend.

That's still probably more than Peter.


Dwayne Hunter said...

Without Anthrax, that movie was a waste of time. Everything without Anthrax is a waste of time.

dicky said...


Joker said...

"I don't generally ride for fitness. I ride for fun.."

Best thing you ever wrote.

Mike said...

See, if you had a snow bike...

dicky said...

If I had a snow bike I coulda rode the same shitty, muddy (and officially closed) trails that I could have on my mountain bike forcing me to come home and clean the shitty mud of my shitty fat bike.

We don't get the fat-bike kinda snow down here.

Thick bike? Yes.

Anonymous said...

That bike has a huge dent in the down tube! Makes the entire thing look like total shit! Just sayin.