Friday, February 1

Dry Spell

Single Speed Arizona and the Cyclocross Worlds are going on this weekend.  I coulda been convinced to go to either but not without a fight.  The Boy has me "flight-listed" as of now, so if there are flights going somewhere, I could be on them... unless they won't let me.  Which can happen.

I made a brief effort to look for someone to join me in a last minute drive to Lou-uh-ville for Worlds.  Pip responded.  Between the two of us, we had plenty of industry insider douchebag friends that are already there willing to give up floorspace.   What would be an eight hour drive starting tonight at 6:00PM to watch one hour and forty minutes of racing on Saturday and then try to "make the scene" so we could get up and watch another hour and forty minutes of racing only to jump out of all the post-race fun and drive towards home and a midnight arrival?

We came to an agreement.

Not in the cards.  I realize it's quite possibly a once in a lifetime event, but so is my own death, and I'm not in a hurry to get to that either.  Standing around in the cold, lining up two or three deep on some course tape so I can get a glimpse of the world's best cross racers riding in some grassy field, since all the good spots will be five to ten deep?  And I have to put that much time and effort into the whole thing?
No.  I don't eat sour grapes.

Neither event wouldn't line up very well with my "No Beer February" either.

I made it happen last year, although I started and ended it early to coincide with the hangover known as the Southeast Bike Expo.  Why bother doing it at all?

It's my way of telling my liver I still remember you.

To prove to myself that beer is not a problem, it's a choice.

To make one last ditch effort to lose some "winter weight" without additional exercise being involved.  It did not work last year, but this year is another year.

I'm an all or nothing kinda guy.  Moderation is not my strong suit.  I can see Point A being now and Point B being some time in the future.  I can see obstacles (poor judgment) in the way and just what the "right choices" might be to facilitate any goals I might have.  I still make poor decisions thinking that tomorrow will be a new day.

I usually screw up tomorrow better than the day before.

So twenty eight days, four entire weeks, decision making without lubricant.

This weekend will be easy.  I'm riding at least once, quite possibly twice.  The annual sit-down with nachos and the one football game I sorta watch every year will be peppered with light beer commercials which always make me feel like never drinking beer again.

If I seem irritable this month, it's because I am.


SaSaSandie said...

I too almost went to SSAZ or KY. I too am staying home. I will drown my depression in beer though. My race weight is whatever weight I show up with on race day. I've always found the back of the pack to be a really fun place any way.

Riding with dogs said...

There's always bourbon

AdamB said...

You'll be suffering from IBS alright. Irritable Beer-less Syndrome

1 said...

Couldn't have said it better myself! Sooo, is it just beer or all adult drinks?

Anonymous said...

Carrying your bike ftl

dave bell said...

you missed out! all the races pushed to saturday and great food and beer scene in louisville to help you warm up after the snow.

wunnspeed said...

Great photo of the lovely Pip being lady-like as usual. I heard worlds kind of sucked anyway. Guess it depends on whom you speak with.