Friday, February 22

If only...

So apparently I had some incorrect information about the Backcountry Research Awesome Strap Race II which I shared yesterday.  The correct information which will correct the incorrect information will be at the end of this post.  If you need to know now, skip ahead.  Otherwise, enjoy.

First off, I need to clear up some rumors that were on FaceBook last week.  Less rumors and more something to pass time and entertain my FB "friends"... apparently some people didn't get the joke.

I've been approached by many non-FB friends regarding said rumors (that I started) congratulating me for my many recent accomplishments.

Time to clear the air.

I did not get into Leadville.  I posted this days before the lottery mocking those that entered said lottery and their incomprehensible desire to participate in an overpriced, over-hyped, over-stupid race (that I'm judging harshly although I've never done it).
I did not get into the Trans-Provence.  Once again, those that are in the know are aware of how hard it would be for someone with my qualifications (or lack thereof) to get into that particular race.

The joke was still slightly over some heads, so I announced that I won a race... two days before it even started.

Some people we're still taking my posts seriously.  I couldn't take it.  I thought by going off the deep end, people would realize it was all just a joke, but some still congratulated me when I posted this:

Even yesterday, my old boss said he heard through the grapevine (he's not on FB) that I got a full-ride sponsorship.  I was mostly mocking the UCI's recently enforced rule regarding factory racers not being allowed to race non-UCI/USACycling events.  Nothing more.

The only thing that could be interpreted from my incessant blathering FacePresence would be that I had a very slow week at work.

Today may or not be a great day when the FedEx guy shows up.  I ordered a little something custom for the Faster Mustache team.  Something that costs money, something wicked cool, something nonreturnable...

So I was a little nervous when I got my shipping confirmation:

Easter Mustache.  Hopefully just a typo on the shipping information and NOT a $150 mistake.  I guess I'll see when I get home this evening.

I'm still waiting (impatiently) on my Misfit caps.  I've seen on Facebook that they are showing up all over the United States of Lower Canada.

Maybe they will show up today as well.  Maybe I'll be the victim of another typo.  Maybe my caps will say "ERMAGHERD!! MERSFERT SERCLES!!"

We'll see.

And about that incorrect information that I need to correct.

I may have combined a few different email trails into one collective and wholly incorrect thought.  A thought which once shared, sparked a flurry of emails to Backcountry Research regarding the all around disappoint.

Here are the facts:

The Race II is not discontinued.

It is not currently being redesigned.

All products are always considered for re-improvement at any moment.  The folks at BR are always looking at new materials, sewing sequences, buckle do-dads, strap arrangements and whatnot.  No current design is safe because if they see a way to make it better, they will.  They are a small company who makes everything in-house, so changes can be made on the fly.  Like when they made the original Tülbag bigger because not everybody carries such a tidy assortment of tools and repair items as me.

Even though they should.

The real reason the Race II was taken off the site was that some of the product shots of the strap were of colors/patterns that are no longer available.  To avoid confusion, the strap was taken down until such time that they can get some new images taken.  Nothing more.


It is correct that if any strap ever gets used wrong, it's the Race II.  I've seen people get very confused looking at it, trying to figure out how in the hell it's supposed to go on the bike.  Set up correctly, it's pretty bulletproof.  Set up incorrectly, and it's gonna be a projectile launcher.

That's why you should watch this BEFORE trying to install one the first time:

That is all.

Wet weekend ahead.

Certainly a quality post coming up Monday.


K Jacobson said...

Ermagherd my pic is on Dicky's blergh! I'm just a massive coke habit away from the fame of which I've always dreamed.

Mike said...

you need to start drinking.

Anonymous said...

Easter Mustache shall be the tweed jacket and golf cap hipster version of Gran Fondo? Hmmh, cleva!...

Anonymous said...

Sorry but that strap is effing stupid! With a small pack all you have to do is unzip and grab your CLEAN/DRY/UNEXPOSED tube, inflator, tools or whatever else you are carrying. Then you can stuff it all back in there when done and your tube doesn't even have to be perfectly folded!

dicky said...

You're right.

Everybody who likes them is wrong.

Mud is a huge problem:

Saddle bags are incredible. Life could never be better: