Thursday, February 21


It's all I can think to call it.  Each year I get caught up in the preparations for the arrival of another baby.

The baby being the next "season."

At least I can identify it.  I know it's irrational behavior, but it does keep me distracted and gives me something other to do than sit on a trainer or bundle up and actually go ride my bike outside.

Last night was what has almost come to be my weekly stop at Bike Source.

That's the most that I've ever paid for a chain, even that silly XX1 chain for the EVO FSR. 

Why bother?

Indeed.  I have been running PC-1's for the entire duration of my single speeding career, and I have never broken one.  Not in a race, not on a ride, not by casting evil stares from across the room.  So why fix something that ain't broken?

The PC-1 weighs 355 grams for 114 links.  The 1091R only weighs 251 grams for the same length.  Sure it costs 6-7 times more.  Whatever.

It is by design a stronger chain, will have less room to move about the cog and chainring, theoretically causing less wear, and did I mention it weighs like a 100 grams less?

It's a consumable part, hard to dump money into for a cheap asshole like me.  That said, the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5 now comes in a 18.9lbs.  Considering that Ride for Reading Dejay's crabon w√ľnderbike weighs 18.06 lbs (with an Ikon 2.2 front and a 300 gram(!) MaxxLite rear??), I don't think that's too shabby.

BTW: I'd be afraid to fart on a 300 gram tire.  You're gonna have to be 600grams+ if you wanna rock and roll with me.  Put a real tire on his bike and then we're almost even.

Misfit FTW.

The chain will be a race "season" on the "race" bike kinda deal.  The rest of the year/bikes will continue to get the PC-1 treatment.

Other pointless nesting news?

Admiral Ackbar, Sponsor Liaison and Equipment Acquisitions Director, has acquired my Trans-Sylvania Epic meats for 2013.

TSE is easily the most burly stage race, in terms of true East Coast technical riding, I ever do/have done/will do.  Last year I ran the Ardent 2.4/2.25 combo and did not flat as I have in years past.  This is something I won't try to save weight on when it comes to racing, specifically at the TSE.  I hate fixing flats even more than I hate Dejay's current facial hair configuration.

The Admiral also scooped two of these up for me.

Let me explain.

Maxxis only has 29" tubes in their Welter Weight line.  200 grams.  That's heavy.  I know some folks run 26" tubes in their 29ers, but that is not a hasty process for fixing race flats.  So MAXXIS does have 27.5 tubes listed as an Ultra Light option at 145 grams... lighter than what I had been strapping to my bike.

Does it fit (easily)?


The valve stem is the only proof I have that it's in there, so just believe me when I say it was an easy fit.

So I was gonna strap this up to my bike VIA the Race Strap II, show a photo, and post a link...

(that's the old tube on there)

but the Race II is not on the website anymore.

I inquired as to why it was gone.

The answer?

The product is being reconsidered*.  Of all the Awesome Straps, this one has the biggest potential for user error, as I demonstrated a couple weeks ago.  Careful packing, extra reefing, occasional checking and even better, removal and re-installation.  It's not a set-it and forget-it item.  I have lackadaisically ignored mine for months and months, so I am not entirely a great example of an attentive user.

Back when I did the Trans Rockies as part of the Race Face Ultimate XC Challenge, we (Josh the Wonderboy and I) had a mechanic at our disposal.  We thought it was funny, being that we were on rigid single speeds, and aside from lubing the chain, what was there to do?

Me, Ken Maude (Race Face marketing guy), and the Wonderboy at our triumphant finish.

Wrenchie (as we called him) went over every bolt on the bike making sure it was snug.  I asked him why he bothered.

(paraphrasing) "You think you can ride these things day after day after day over rough terrain bouncing all over the place and a bolt won't wiggle it's way loose once and awhile?"

Never thought of it that way.

So I have to admit, every once in a (great) while, I do go over my bolts with a torque wrench.  Occasionally I do find one that has slipped back from the proper torque.  Damn you, Wrenchie.

So the Race II is temporarily off the market.  Will it come back?  Dunno.  Can it be made as idiot (me) proof as the rest of the line-up?  We shall see.  There is something new over there coming soon, but it is NOT a direct replacement for the Race II.

*Screwed the pooch a little on this one.  I'll update with the correct information tomorrow.


Jake Davidson said...

That's funny, I think the Race II is the best of all the awesome straps.

dicky said...


Rob said...

Interested to hear the results of the blingy chain...

dicky said...

It looks very effeminate, but that's just my earliest observation. No where near as manly as a PC-1.

Anonymous said...

I still like the original strap the best.

Richie Trent said...

+1 for REAL rubber and 10spd chains. Having that 2.4 ardent up front is magic!

Similar setup on my fresh build

Anonymous said...

SS noob here. Does it matter if I run an 8, 9 10 speed chain?

Anonymous said...

SS noob, just don't run a 10spd chain, their for hobbits.

dicky said...

You can run any chain you want on your SS. Spend as much as your vanity allows.