Thursday, March 7

Sometimes you get what you want...

Sometimes you just get what you get.

I finally got something I wanted.  Something I obtained by the transaction of monetary units that were earned with hard labor and sweat from my brow.

Something with just a hint of humor included for free.

Pure bliss in a 65/35 poly-cotton blend.

The grey/orange for general use, the black/grey for formal events, and the orange/black in case I lose the other two.

I also got the Misfit Psycles brass headbadge.  I passed on it when I first built up the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5, but now that the frame is polished, I decided to add it (and its inherent portly weight) to my head tube.

I took the time to paint the relieved portions with metallic pink paint.  It looked incredible.  Then I tried to mount it.

Just like Peter's current frames, the headbadges are NOT tapered steer tube compatible.  They are curved to fit the standard 1 1/8" and NOT my highly advanced 44mm ZS compatible machine of (what was then) the future.


I don't think it's going to work on my new Misfit (yet to be named) either.

I started the build last night, but lacking the Cane Creek 110 headset, it was never gonna get finished before I went to bed.  The first priority was to remove the XX1 driver from the Industry Nine Torch rear wheel and mount up the 9/10 speed body.

It was not an easy task.  Not because it was difficult, but because I'm a moron.  It took awhile and some patience to wiggle the pawls out of the old body.  It took some tool improvisation and even more patience to get the tiny springs in place while sliding the pawls back in place.

I only lost one spring for less than 30 seconds once.  Frightful.

32X20 for life with yet another Endless Kick Ass Cog and stupid easy to get a perfect chainline Fibonacci spacer kit.

More about the bike when it is a bike in whole.

The Tour duh Charlotte just two days away.

The flyers have been posted everywhere.  Apparently, one of my fellow Mustaches thinks I might have a "senior moment" and forget about the event.

I'm headed over to the Gentle Ginger's house to pack the prize bags tonight.  The pile of prizes is quite impressive.   They will be granted to the swift, the cunning, the brave, the willing to come to our event of great magnitude this Saturday.

Take note: 

"Come prepared to ride your bike (any bike!) self-supported all day long. Helmets are required. We suggest: rear blinky, bike bell, spare tube and CO2/pump, plenty of food/water. A cell phone with GPS. There will be one snack/beer stop around 3:30pm, with sandwiches, bananas, and PBR provided!"

There will be Terrapin and New Belgium beer in vast quantities for all participants (party pacers and party racers) at the awards. 

I can not express enough that this event will be fun... unless you're some kinda douchebag.  This is not a zipped-up skinsuit, warm up on your trainer, heart rate monitor wearing, STRAVA section KOM'ing, testes fest.  This ride/event is for those who like to be out on the bike all day, enjoying the (potentially) sunny 60°+ day, the company of others and an occasional brewski.  Douchiness and PP (Party Pace) Pounding will not be tolerated. 

That said, good times in the woods and on the streets of the Queen City are imminent...


We have thought this through.  We are starting at 10:00AM on the dot'esque.  We may be gone from 6-8 hours.  We will cover close to 40 miles of road, greenway, and trail.

All of it fun.

See you then.


Anonymous said...

That is a Carver Ti 420.

john parker said...

sweet syncros stem...hope you did not pay full retial for it back in the 90's as it just would have paid for it's self by now.

I bet this new bike will be your fav bike.

Richie "Dickie" Trent said...

Ya, what is this piece of titanium anyways?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Carver Ti 420....with "Misfit" label. Hmm. Although, it probably will ride better with that sticker on it. Looks fun!

Rombsy said...

alternate title, taught to me by a smart(-ass) little 6-yr-old:
"you get what you get, and you don't get upset."