Tuesday, March 5

Winners never quit... unless they quit losing

Things are stirring here... more stir than the usual customary amount.

Trash is being talked from beyond my realm.

The 6 Hours of Warrior Creek update email came the other day.  Less than a month away, it is.

I am once again teaming up with my fellow 6 Hour Duo Coed World Championship partner, Layla.  It looks like Last Minute Death Machine is going to have to rise to a new challenge.

"...we’ve got a grudge match for the ages brewing in the Duo Coed category.  The Pasty White Bearded Hill People are coming out of the mountains and that leaves the Last Minute Death Machine with targets on their backs.  Who will prevail, the city slickers or the mountain folk!"

Say whuh?

Apparently the clan leader of the Pasty White Bearded Hill People is coming to challenge us.  Remember Wes?  Brevard City councilman and three time winner of the semi-annual Transylvania County Coloring Contest?

Who's he bringing to the party?
None other than Kym Schifino (not Kim Schifino, drummer of the band Matt and Kim).  Who is she?  Oh, she only crushed the Swank 65 last year.

Yeah, that's my Double D partner clutching the Country Whole Ham she won for third place.

Yes, we are in for a challenge... if "Fit Wes" shows up.  Sometimes coloring season interferes with his bicycle training, so we shall see.

Also in the related-to-me-news, the Shenandoah Mountain 100 price jump took effect at Midnight this past Friday.  As a helpful reminder, they sent out a pre-pre-pre-race email to give you one last chance.


I guess to be a "superstar," one only need be super fast in their respective categories or have at least placed second in their category within the last decade.  Team Dicky/GIddyUPDOGGIE (WTF?) is gonna bring the heat or not in 2013... superstar style.  Haywood and Bisquick*, former almost Olympians. Tanguy and Dicky, small and hard to understand. Masse, the most desirable man (to other men) in the NUE peleton.... legends of one sort or another.  Makes perfect sense.


We all know I didn't bother to finish the race last year, instead electing to hop in a truck with J-Pok and start drinking early as opposed to continuing to slug it out in the rain to yet another less than glamorous finish and a few hours worth of maintenance on my bike before the Fool's Gold a week later.

One of many Flabongos I had to slay that day.

So I guess I gotta finish this year, so I can at still say "I do hundred mile races" around the water cooler at work.

A small part of the future showed up over the weekend.

What remains remains.  A bigger part should be showing up today with two more tiny yet critical parts in limbo status.

It's a good thing.  I need something to keep me busy during this week of La Vida Bachelor.  I can't spend all my time applying decals to the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5 and making pointless photoshops.

*they was robbed

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