Tuesday, April 16

Hopeless Change

Whatever.  I changed some stuff on the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5.  I thought it was something like five things.  I guess it was more.  Junk guessed two things semi-correctly, one thing semi-incorrectly.

"Front tire, got rid of the fjork magnet and new kill whitey grips." ~ Junk

A fjork squishes.  A frok does not.  While I did get rid of the cyclocomputer transmitter mount, it was just attached to the frok I swapped... for an identical frok.  I wanted to use the crabon frok intended for the Dickstickel Meatplow V.6 that had a 5mm longer steer tube, so I could do this:

Stem slammed'esque... well, just inverted albeit with a (new) 5mm crabon spacer underneath.  Why?  Other than the fact that it looks better, I think the slimmer me should be able to bend over further at the waist and handle the 3mm drop to the bars.  This has little to do with any decent reasoning or recent discoveries in bike fit.

Front tire?


I'm living dangerously.

Now that I've gotten word from the Head Dick Handler at Maxxis that the Ikon 2.35 is right around the proverbial corner, I want to see how I really feel about it under "race conditions.  We all know race conditions are much more differenter than regular conditions, perhaps due to number plate drag.  Dunno.  It's just a prototype, but I have been assured it is 100% safer than no tire at all.  I'm thinking Big Frog 65 and ORAMM thoughts...
Kill Whitey grips?

ESI Racer's Edge silicone grips.  I had the Chunky's on my messenger bike a long time ago.  One of them slipped after a few continuous days of saturating rain.  According to an MTBR grip pundit, I was mistaken.  It never slipped.  Impossibru.  Regardless, I'm giving them a try... again.  Why go back to squishy grips?

I am a Viking.

Or I at least have Viking issues.

Nothing to do with trauma or overly frequent masturbation (it's my left hand, duh).  Nothing to do with riding rigid either.  Just a hereditary thing that I'm gonna have to deal with.  Currently it's just a couple lumps on my palm, something the "experts" say to ignore.  Being anal compulsive, I only think about it or fondle my lumps every fifteen seconds or so.

At least I'm in good company.

"Dupuytren's contracture... deal with it." ~ Bill Nighy

Original Big Ring was right.  I removed the Cane Creek decals from my top tube.  It didn't look right on the polished frame, and after pacing around my bike room for a half hour or so, I took them off. 

Don't worry, I'm not violating my contractual obligations.

I can't afford to if I'm going to get a new frame every other month with yet another headset standard.

It was also time to prepare for some climbing.

Endless Bikes Kick Ass Cog, 22 tooth.  Combined with a 38T ring, it's equivalent to a 32X18.5 or so.  Is that gonna be good?  No idea.  This whole half ratio thing is messing with me.  It keeps me awake at night, though it might just be gas.

Best case scenario, I get to ride this bike at least once before the Big Frog 65.

Worst case?

No pre-ride, total fail, and sag wagon back to the finish, drink beer, and wait till my ride home finishes the hundred miler.

Not so much of a worse case after all.

Junk, I owe you stickers.

Original Big Ring?

You'll get nothing more than my unconditional love and a tiny man hug when you return to NC with Curvy Butt.  Maybe I'll send you stickers anyways.

Anonymous commenters?  Your stickers are in the mail already. 


Eric Gadlage said...

actually UPS says that the proverbial corner will be delivered tomorrow.

I was going to guess the cog. I thought it looked bigger, but I really didn't need more stickers anyway. I thought I would give someone else a fair chance.

Anonymous said...

You are gonna bash that big as chainring on a rock. You risk getting yourself killed or something worse!

Anonymous said...

^^^Hey look! Dicky's mom is posting as anonymous!

dicky said...

Sorry, but my mom can spell "ass."

the original big ring said...

Send stickers - I can't wait an entire another year for your flimsy little arms to wrap partially around my mid-section girth.