Thursday, April 18


Dirt Rag #169 is out there for public consumption.  Being that I got mine last week, you probably got yours in the mail two weeks ago.  I think I'm pretty low on the circulation list.  Chances are the newsstand freeloaders are flipping through the contents whilst sipping a mochacappafrappaccino well before mine shows up in the mailbox.

On the cover?  None other than the handsome Matt McFee, director/founder of Hermosa Tours and 1/10th of the reason that I ended up in this condition at the SSWC09 in Durango:

Of course there is yet another article from me filling an entire page with words that are mostly not made up.  I was hoping they wouldn't stick my article directly next to an image of All Hail the Black Market's Stevil allowing him to once again upstage me with his hunka-chunka manly bike riding ways.
No, they didn't do that to me again.

It's worse.

Now they've got me harshly juxtapositioned with the talented and lovely, freckle faced, curly haired Stan's No Tubes athlete, Sarah Kaufmann.

The Sarah Kaufmann...

Name on the top tube indicates that she's kind of a big deal, unlike the stickers that end up on my top tube.

Who needs big time sponsors when you have friends like mine?

Sarah will once again be bringing the heat to the Trans-Sylvania Epic, along with other top contenders Cheryl Sornson, Sue Haywood, Amanda Carey, Sonya Looney, Andrea Wilson, and Vicki Barclay.  Not to be counted out, young Donna Miller is coming back for another go and I'm traveling up from North Carolina with a hot mess of angry women; Jordan Salman, Laura Gleason, and my DDP, Jana Morris.  Dirt Rag's Karen Brooks will be flying the colors as our lone female reppin racer.  Close to 20 riders are signed up in the women's field as of right now, all of them could probably steal my thunder in a future issue of Dirt Rag...

and they probably will.

Some of them will even beat me at the TSE.

More like "many" than "some."

Assuming you might actually read the article, it's about jumping.  Definitely not a how-to type of article.  Had I written one, I would suggest you DON'T read it, lest you ruin your chances of ever getting quality air.  Suffice to say, I am hardly an expert at jumping, but I'm quite good at rambling on about topics I know nothing about...

like women.

Buy yours, read it, frame Sarah's image, and hang it on the wall as inspiration.

One day you could be just like her.  Probably not, but it's good to have dreams.


AdamB said...

Dreams... always another one waiting to be shattered. Maybe I'll just jump (after I read your expert words of course).

Karen said...

Crap, I guess I'd better do some training... seventh place is even now slipping from my grasp!

(Don't worry, I won't beat you.)