Wednesday, April 3

The "poop" heard 'round the world

Could I have picked a worse time to go on hiatus?

First, I got an email from Thad "The Belgium" Marsupial early Sunday morning.  Supposedly Peter Sagan thought he was a single speeder and decided he should not settle for just a "moment" on the podium.  Although I won't mention the direction he went, the Belgium press said "he could not resist the poop of a podium miss."

I have heard... make that, read conflicting stories.

In a world where this is an okay way to market bike lube...

and this is a hunky dory manner to sell high end bike clothes...

I'm sorry... but even my moral compass has a semi-chub right now.

What Peter Sagan did was stupid... at least from a career as a pro cyclist in the year 2013 standpoint.  Having podium girls to begin with is stupid.  I bet Cannondale wishes Sagan would just stick to rude t-shirts from a Euro-Spencer's.

Try and tell me that he didn't record his apology video after being taken into a dimly lit room by some Cannondale thugs and roughed up a bit.

This topic could send me into a deeply composed diatribe of lizard brains and monkey wiring, pulling apart the fabric of our puritanical, monogamous, imposed, and supposedly moral society.

But I think it would be boring.

Just remember, these boobs are art...

even if there are no birds.
I keep all my hastily and hornily purchased Assos bibs and Gnarlube in the box of shame under my bed along with my porn and Hall and Oates cassettes.

Other stuff I missed?


Fat Cyclist did a survey over the weekend.  Albeit a very well disguised April Fool's joke, I myself got about twenty questions in before I threw in the towel.  The most interesting thing I found in the results of said survey?

Mine is the most tolerable of all bike blogs on the internet (in the survey).

Does this explain why Bad Idea Racing was left off a recent survey that IMBA sent out?

thanks to David Caton for the screen grab

I'm sorry... how did even make this list, being that it's a mail order bike shop and all?  Perhaps because they do trail grants?  Corporate partner.  Follow the money...

Such a strange survey.  Makes Fatty's April Fool's joke survey look legit.


Those were just a few of many topics I saw come and go while I was chasing alligators on the Egans Creek Greenway for the past four days.

I'll do my best to catch you back up on all the things that happened in my world before the week is out.

Fair warning.  I did very little grab-ass. Nothing headline worthy or controversial.


John Parker said...

Not going to touch the subject sexual politics of podium girls …..but Sagan is a machine and is great fun to watch race and what he did on the podium was totally stupid but totally awesome at the same

dougyfresh said...

I see what you did there.