Tuesday, May 21

Squeezing it out...

This is going to be all random and what not...

Thanks to Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever for putting us through hell, crushing people's souls, and putting on a race that is everything I want in an event.

photo cred: Brado Allen

Also a huge thanks to his wonderful wife and partner in soul crushing, his right and left hands, Erinna.

photo cred: Eric Wever

And all the volunteers out on the course that kept me moving fluidly throughout the entire day.

photo cred: Eric Wever

Jeff Baucom, handy with the lube and prepared to do on the spot prostate exams.

What else?

So, I was pushing my bike up Black Mountain for the last time... thinking about the after party, the Fiftyfivepointfive, how much work my bike would need before the next morning came, all the shit hanging over my head to get ready for the Trans-Sylvania Epic, the fact that I have good legs right now and maybe enough time to recover over the next six days before heading off to a seven day race, my family and the limited amount of time I'll have with them over the next two weeks.

I decided to pull the plug after the podium and go home.

photo cred: Jeff Baucom

The after party?  Probably gonna be a bust.  So many people racing back-to-back, work to be done on their bikes, tired legs that need to be put up.  Constant rain race DNS'er Shane Schreihart confirmed that no one showed at the free beer event at Trailblazers, so that woulda been me and Shane drinking with only me worried about tomorrow.  Coulda been ugly.

The King of Pisgah Series?  Wouldn't I need to do the Fiftyfivepointfive to stay in it?  I was already out.  After looking at the calendar last week, I realized I was a bit more over-committed than I wanted to be, and not gonna be able to squeeze in certain random events (like the one that's gonna happen on Oct 26th).  I pulled out of the Monster Cross (I have little love for gravel grinders) and the Double Dare (still on my bucket list to complete one day). So no KOP for me, not like I was gonna give Sam Koerber a run for his money anyways.

My bike?  I got to look at it last night.  New pads were on order ( I love my what seems like weekly trip to Bike Source for sintered metallic Shimano pads).  My chain was loose from wear and the bearings in my wheels were a little wet, but not too bad.  I still hit 'em with Pro Gold EPX while I was in there.

Considering I went for bonus moisture exposure early on, I was pleased that my bike was not trashed.

photo cred: Brado

Time with my family?  They were gonna be busy all day on Sunday, but that gave me all day to knock out a stupid long to-do list.  I had a decent amount of muddy gear that needed to be addressed.

photo cred: Eric Wever

Somehow, and I can't believe I pulled it off, I am packed for the Trans-Sylvania Epic already.

I did lose a couple hours and half my mind when my mom asked me to assemble a piece of mail order furniture with thousands of small parts, shitty instructions, and pot metal hardware.

I spent close to eleven hours, three pots of coffee, and many beers taking care of business.  It's all done now,  Hair cut, groceries for TSE, geared down, geared up, Meat Carver ready for the Pisgah Enduro when I get back from Pennsylvania...

I'm relaxed.  My ribs feel like the Eleventy-one might have set them back a bit, but I think they will be mostly tolerable by Saturday.  Doesn't matter much anyways.  As good as my legs feel, I'm up against the most stacked single speed field ever.  Dejay, Dax Massey, and Shannon Bofelli are invading from the wild, wild west.  My only advantage over them would be the typical crushing heat and humidity, but this year it looks like we won't get any.  There's also The Pflug's bridesmaid, Matt Ferrari and a couple dark horses.  I get the feeling Dirt Rag's Eric McKeegan and I are going to become quite familiar with each other at the back of the field.

The rest of this week is family time.  I even skipped out on the Ride and Beers with Internet Sensation and Pro Racer Sonya Looney last night.

photo cred: Chris Muddiman

But I was given a lot of shit for it.  Sorry guys and girls, but I'm staying close to home...

Well, for the most part.  I may have to hook up with someone later today in order to get my grubby mitts on this:

It traveled all the way from Georgia to Dirt Fest in Pennsylvania to be touched by the masses before being delivered to me VIA the Mike Stanley Express.  Yes, it is ironic that I'll have it now, just days after the Eleventy-one, a race where such a post woulda came in handy.  It will be on before the Enduro in June, and I'll be drooping like a boss.

Desperately seeking four days of serenity before the looming mayhem that is Trans-Sylvania Epic.

photo cred: A E Landes

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